Why Host A GSEA Competition?

GSEA contributes to students and universities:

  • We seek students who are embracing values of ‘Boldly Go’ and ‘make a mark’ and introduce them to the global community of successful entrepreneurs who can accelerate their success.
  • We give students the tools to challenge the status quo and think differently.
  • We believe in celebrating students who are on a path to contribute and make the world a better place, on any scale. We seek to add value to them so they can add value to others.
  • By championing students who believe in make a difference, we will build a strong alumni community that will continue to engage with future generations.
  • We provide the tools for universities to tell their story of entrepreneurship through GSEA- how they nurture and support their students choosing this challenging path and their wider community.

Value to your Community and the World:

  1. Stimulates the creation of new employment opportunities in local communities
  2. Increased free market competition results in better products and services at competitive prices
  3. Spurs innovation and development of new solutions to better people and the planer
  4. Drives local services and production for sustainable economies
  5. Encourages social entrepreneurship and supporting others through creative business models
  6. Builds international relationships at the academic, corporate and government levels
  7. Crosses language and cultural barriers by bringing geographically distant participants together
  8. Support early stage entrepreneurs
  9. Makes the world a smaller place by strengthening communication channels and networks
  10. Promotes greater understanding and acceptance by recognising value-based leadership.

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