Danya Sherman

Country: United States

Company: KnoNap

School: George Washington University 

With her passion to start a movement to end sexual assault and exploitation facilitated by rape drugs, Danya launched KnoNap, a napkin that tests for rape drug presence in drinks. Danya’s motivation in launching KnoNap stemmed from her personal tie to the issue of sexual assault, but she is constantly inspired and motivated by the stories of her peers. At the start of this venture, Danya’s personal experience became an obstacle; every conversation or pitch involved sharing her story of sexual assault. However, after making the mental decision to no longer see herself as a victim but rather as a survivor, she became a voice for this issue. Committed to pushing for social change, Danya hopes that in three years, KnoNap products will be available nationwide at any public bars, clubs, grocery stores, liquor stores, universities, health centers and drug stores.


Matthew Rooda

Company: SwineTech, Inc.

School: University of Iowa

Matthew took his childhood farming experience to create optimal solutions for livestock care. Through his agricultural tech company, SwineTech, he provides farmers with the necessary technologies to reduce piglet deaths. The product tracks sows real time health and teaches mother sows to stand up if they are crushing their babies.
The biggest obstacle Matthew has faced was the discouragement from his university animal welfare specialists about the potential of his business idea. He is grateful for his advisor’s encouragement to keep going and the resilience of his team in spite of surrounding doubts. Make a Mark resonates with him the most because of it reminds him to be an everyday source of his inspiration to people who share a similar modest background: “I do not come from a rich family, I am from small town Iowa, and I am not the smartest person in the world. However, I outwork the best of them. I want to be able to walk up to a kid that is in a modest home in the mid-west and encourage them to dream.” Although he considers himself very competitive, Matthew appreciates the insights he and his team gain from depending on one another and external experts.


Dinesh Wadhwani

Company: ThinkLite LLC

School: Babson College

Dinesh Wadhwani has always been tech-savvy. Born and raised in Ghana, he began a career as a technology entrepreneur at the age of 14, developing software and websites for small and medium businesses. Wadhwani established ThinkLite LLC (ThinkLite) in 2009, aimed to provide savings on energy-efficient lighting to consumers and businesses. Since then, ThinkLite has grown to become a global lighting efficiency leader. Wadhwani works with a team of 60 employees who custom design, manufacture, distribute and install energy efficient retrofit solutions for commercial customers and governments.



Jake Jorgovan

Company: Rabbit Hole Creative

School: Belmont University

Jake Jorgovan is an entrepreneur, dreamer, and technology nerd at heart. As a co-founder of Rabbit Hole Creative, Jake grew the company from a dorm room startup into a vibrant leader in the media production industry, a testament to his drive and vision. Living by his mantra ‘follow the rabbit’, Jake explores the unknown in both his personal and professional life. As the honored recipient of the 2011 Nashville Youth Entrepreneur of the Year Award and the third place winner of the 2011 Global Student Entrepreneur Award, Jake is committed to constant self-improvement and growth in the business community. He has worked with such artists as Dolly Parton, Cee Lo Green, and Lady Gaga. Alongside his passion in the workplace, Jake enjoys the outdoors and drawing in his free time.


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Garrett Gee

Company: Scan.me

School: Brigham Young University

Garrett Gee, a Brigham Young University student whose company, Scan, developed one of the most-used apps for QR Code scanning on mobile devices. In their first year, Scan grew to over 10 million users and raised $1.7 million from Google Ventures, Lady Gaga, and other top Venture Capitalists. At age 13, Garrett set the Genius World Record for Tetris.



Mikhail Naumov

Company: The GREEN Program

School: Rutgers University

Mikhail Naumov is a founder of The GREEN Program, a provider of experiential education programs in Costa Rica. GREEN, or Global Renewable Energy Education Network, combines volunteering with education, and develops programs that teach participants about reusable energy through developing an actual green energy site for an area in need. “”If you want young talent to drive innovation in environmentally-minded development and business, you need to train them and you should do the education before they enter an industry with existing norms.”” said Mikhail. The GREEN Program has applied its unique educational model into the world’s cutting edge industries and continues to be the leader of experiential educational programs in the the world, for the world. The GREEN Team serves as the fundamental catalyst for thousands of students breaking into and transforming the clean energy and sustainability industries.


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Chelsea Sloan

Company: Uptown Cheapskate

School: University of Utah 

Sloan opened the first Uptown Cheapskate location in Salt Lake City, Utah with her brother, Scott Sloan, in 2009. After just eight months in operation and turning a profit, Sloan franchised the trendy consignment store and has since expanded to 20 locations in 12 states. Sloan first won the EO Alchemy regional competition in Seattle before besting the top 30 international student entrepreneurs at Global Finals at the New York Stock Exchange on November 16th. Participating in the Entrepreneurs’ Organization’s GSEA program has been a once in a lifetime experience,” said Chelsea Sloan, founder of Uptown Cheapskate and Entrepreneurs’ Organization’s Global Student Entrepreneur of the Year. “The networking, mentorship and training that I have received is priceless and winning the title pushes my passion for entrepreneurship even further.”


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Jolijt Tamanaha

Company: Farmplicity

School: Washington University in St. Louis

Jolijt is a GSEA Global Finalist in 2013 with her local food marketplace – Farmplicity – when she was a sophomore at Washington University in St. Louis. A year later, she sold Farmplicity to the largest food distributor in St. Louis and co-founded her second company, Champio. Champio was named one of the eight best student startups at SXSW and participated in the Prosper Accelorator’s first class. Jolijt is now the CMO and CFO of Fresh Prints, a custom apparel company that doubles as a platform for student entrepreneurship.


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Daniel Fine

Company: Glass-U

School: University of Pennsylvania

Daniel Fine is a 2015 Graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. He is the founder and CEO of Team Brotherly Love and The Fine Companies, which include sunglass company Glass-U, medical app Dosed, and Boston based tutoring firm NexTutors. Team Brotherly Love has raised over $2 million for Type-1 diabetes research. Glass-U makes fully-folding sunglasses and is licensed to hundreds of universities and nearly every fraternity and sorority in the US. It has been featured at events ranging from The Rose Bowl to Lollapalooza and this past summer, was an official licensee to produce sunglasses for the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Dosed is a mobile solution intended to revolutionize the way that diabetics manage and track their insulin dosage.


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Spencer Quinn

Company: FiberFix

School: Brigham Young University

“Quinn, a Brigham Young University student, Shark Tank star and co-founder and CEO of FiberFix, will receive his share of $150,000 in cash and in-kind business services from the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) to help Quinn successfully continue on his entrepreneurial journey. In 2013, Quinn and his cousin Eric Child founded FiberFix, the heavy-duty repair tape that is 100x stronger than duct tape. They have been featured on Shark Tank, QVC and are already in more than 1,600 stores across the nation. “”Someone once told me, if you’re going to be anything in life, be passionate. Being a part of the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards has surrounded me with some of the most talented, passionate people on the planet,”” said Spencer Quinn, co-founder and CEO, FiberFix. “”I am just so incredibly grateful for the support from EO and GSEA. I look forward to nurturing the many relationships I’ve made with the other students and members of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization and to growing FiberFix over many years to come.”


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