Harvinder Power

Country: United Kingdom

Company: Motics

Harvinder started Motics after seeing his father struggle with physiotherapy. His father suffered from sciatica but found traditional physiotherapy non-engaging and failed to exercise regularly. This led to the creation of Motics, a wearable solution that engages patients and provides actionable insight into muscle function. Motics gamifies physiotherapy and provides recovery data to clinicians to speed up recovery and motivates patients to recover. Harvinder hopes that the same technology can be used for both recovery and sports analytics to give teams the competitive edge in training.

Website: http://www.motics.co.uk
Facebook: @motics.me

Tom Charman

Company: Kompas

School: University of Exeter

KOMPAS allows you to leverage your interests, and personal profile to find the best places suited to you when visiting a new city. Find reviews from places by people similar to yourself, and have the most enjoyable time when traveling. Our goal is to make your travel experience tailored to what you want, depending on where you are.


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