Given Edward

Country: Tanzania

Company: Mtabe


Website: mtabeapp.com

Facebook: @mtabeapp



Edward is a renowned technology and education innovator working to improve education in Africa through the use of technology. He is the CEO of two companies: MyElimu and Mtabe. Both companies have received global recognition for their mission. MyElimu is a space for students from different regions to meet online and discuss ideas ranging from entrepreneurship to education. Additionally, Mtabe focuses on using artificial intelligence to deliver learning content to students without internet access. Both companies have received global recognition for their efforts.

Gilda Given Silayo

Country: Tanzania

Company: Maisha Package

School: University of Dar es Salaam

Gilda’s hope to minimize the rate of teenage pregnancy in Tanzania inspired her business, LifePackage Solutions Company Ltd, which produces a product called MaishaPackage. This product is a package of sexual and reproductive health information including menstrual hygiene products such as sanitary pads, underpants, urine PH tests and condoms. This package provides a convenient, safe and affordable product to the youth in Tanzania, allowing young women to take control and responsibility of their sexual and reproductive health. Gilda has worked hard over her lifetime to rise above her circumstances and be a student of opportunity, continually finding new ways to improve her life and hopes this product will help other youth do the same.


Diana Mbogo

Company: Millennium Engineers

School: University of Dar Es Salaam

We design, construct and sell wind turbines to households in areas with potential wind speed. We don’t import any material for construction of these turbines. We also provide the services of installation and maintenance of the turbines. Our main objective is to provide sustainable, reliable and efficient electric power generation sources using wind energy.


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