(Travis) Yang Chun-Chen

Country: Taiwan

Company: Neurobit Technologies Co., Ltd.


Website: https://www.neurobittech.com/

Facebook: @neurobit.tech


Travis Yang’s desire to help fight brain disease led to Neurobit, a biomedical company developing telemedicine devices to care for patients who aren’t physically present for treatment. He and his team developed Neurospeed, a wireless high-resolution recording device that scans of both eyes making nystagmus and eye-movement related examination much more accessible. The device is capable of fully integrating with apps on PC or tablet for video, streaming critical information for diagnosis and treatment.


Currently, Yang is seeking Food and Drug Administration (FDA), CE, Taiwan FDA, and China FDA approval which will take approximately three years. Once approved, his goal is to reach broader populations globally through digital clinical care channels.

Shelly Wang

Country: Taiwan

Company: Tuanyuan Nuts

School: National Taiwan Normal University

Looking to answer the question, “How can we eat more healthfully?” Shelly Wang and her partner launched Tuanyuan Nuts and quickly became the fastest growing e-commerce nut brand in Taiwan. With the personal motto to always be courageous and never admit defeat, Wang overcame many challenges to fulfill her dream of making a difference in the food industry. Wang’s vision for the future positions her company as a recognizable and leading brand as well as bringing peace of mind and health to the people of Taiwan.


Hsi Tzu Chang

Company: City Wanderer

School: National Taiwan University

“We believe better you makes better world. We create a brand-new offline educational competition,which is called City Wanderer Competition ,with gamification thought. It’s a competition with series of missions which are designed for the participant to learn the ability of self-awareness through achieving. For example, there’s a missions ask participants to provide free hugs on the street. We set 31 different missions in a competition. According to the increasing number of participants year by year. First, we do B2C model, which means that the participant fee. Now we also do B2B, which means that we charge the companies by promoting their products and services in the missions.”