Mohsen Falahi

Country: Switzerland

Company: Exomotion


Website: www.exomotion.ch

Facebook: @exomotiontech

Instagram: @exomotionsa


Having years of experience in the field of mobile robotics, Exomotion CEO and founder Mohsen Falahi started his business in transportation technologies. After winning a number of robotic competitions, Moshen focused on reinventing the wheel to make mobile transportation fun. The company’s first product, Virage, reimagined the smart scooter by providing omnidirectional capabilities to standard mobility.


Exomotion is a startup based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Simon Hofer

Country: Switzerland

Company: Rebel Technologies

School: University of St. Gallen 

With his EO core value of “boldly go,” Simon Hofer quickly learned that execution is the key to entrepreneurship and didn’t waste a single day working to bring his idea to life. Rebel Technologies is a proximity-based social network and marketplace app dedicated to ease communication for college students. Despite the high concentration of students on campus, the Rebel App allows students to reach others to trade and engage in other activities outside of their normal social circles. In three years, Hofer envisions Rebel Technologies as the leading platform for student interactions in Europe and the US.


Carlo Badini

Company: Cleverclip GmbH

School: University of Berne (Switzerland)

Since April 2013 we pursue one simple goal: Helping people getting their ideas across in a meaningful and lasting way. We achieve this by producing explainer videos, infographics and fully animated presentations for companies around the world.