Hamza Qadoumi

Country: Sweden

Company: Ecobloom


Website: https://www.ecobloom.se

Facebook: @Ecobloom.se

Instagram: @Ecobloom.se


Hamza started Ecobloom with the vision of encouraging the local community to grow fresh food in a sustainable, resourceful, and efficient way. The EcoGarden utilizes an ancient growing technique known as aquaponics. It’s a process where fish waste becomes a nutrient source for the plants. In turn, the plants naturally filter the water which is recirculated back to the fish. It’s a natural and effective way of creating the ultimate self-sustaining and resource-efficient ecosystem where plants and fish live in harmony.


The EcoGarden allows users to grow and enjoy 100% fresh and organic herbs and vegetables all year round. Through the EcoGard app, Hamza and this team developed, users can also monitor and control the growing process right from their phones.

Max M. Mohammadi

Country: Sweden

Company: Heartstrings

School: KTH Royal Institute of Technology 

After his grandmother’s sudden heart attack, Max was determined to find a better way to identify early stages of heart disease. As a result, Max launched his company, Heartstrings, an accurate, non-invasive and low-cost tool based on proprietary artificial intelligence technology for screening and early diagnosis of heart disease. Heartstrings’ breakthrough technology has been tested successfully and validated with more than 700 patients through two clinical trials. His vision for Heartstrings is to save at least 1 million lives each year over the next three years.

Johan Wikström

Company: Genomtänkt Kommunikationsbyrå Sverige AB

School: Mittuniversitetet (Mid Sweden University)

We have three value propositions. We work with content marketing, we build e-commerce with Magento and we create loyalty programs. We also run a student association where we include students from the Mid Sweden University to participate in our projects.


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