Uttunga Jayewardene

Country: Sri Lanka

Company: Xylo Industries (Pvt) Ltd


Website: www.shopxylo.com

Facebook: @xylo.coasters

Instagram: @xylo.coasters


Xylo Industries was built on the dream of providing quality cork-based products in and around Sri Lanka. What initially started as a thought-provoking discussion between three friends has blossomed into a range of daily homeware environmentally safe products. In business for two years, Xylo’s goal is not only to produce environmentally sustainable tableware products but to conduct themselves as an ethically positive company, supporting underserved and disable communities through employment opportunities.

Peshala Dayanatha

Country: Sri Lanka

Company: Pol Sambol

School:  National School of Business Management 

During a conversation with friends, Peshala Dayanatha realized there was a widespread issue for Sri Lankan people to find authentic, non-processed food available for lunch during the work day. To solve this problem, Dayanatha launched PolSambol, creating a new delivery option for authentic food, while also creating jobs for stay-at-home moms. Like most entrepreneurs, he faced many challenges, including quality control and ensuring the food was prepared to the proper standard. In three years, Dayanatha plans to open his own PolSambol kitchen and move to a more environmentally friendly approach, using biodegradable packaging that creates zero waste.

Buddhika Jayawardhana

Company: Siplo

School: University of Moratuwa

Siplo is an online peer tutoring platform. Tutors of our platform are the top ranked students of highly competitive Advanced Level examination(which is the only way to get entered to a state university) and got selected to state universities for degree and waiting 11 months at home without any purpose until they get the university admissions. Students of our platform are the students who are preparing for the advanced level examination. Our platform helps to the tutors to earn some money during the free 11 months and to be in touch with the subjects until they get entered to universities. It helps the students to get clarified their problems instantly and cheaply by a top top Advanced Level ranked tutors from all around the country.


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