Eduardo José Fierro Carballo

Country: Spain

Company: KUVU


Website: www.kuvu.eu


Kuvu is a new social coexistence model based on inter-generational relationships that empower all people. The home share platform seeks to match older adults with younger adults looking for new experience as well as local accommodations. Eduardo’s vision is to be the top agent in intergenerational cohabitation in the European Union by 2021.

Gala Freixa

Country: Spain

Company: Sheedo

School: Mondragón

With the intent of creating a company that was economically, socially and environmentally sustainable, Gala Freixa and her partners originally came up with the concept of producing seed paper. Today, the company has evolved into a green-marketing product agency named Sheedo. Their paper products are made with the seeds of flowers, aromatic plants and vegetables, so once discarded, they have a second life. Sheedo is built on the foundation of non-conformity, learning by doing and respect for the environment. Freixa’s long-term vision is to expand to other markets in Europe and position her product in both physical and online stores.


Arnau Navarro

Company: Grou App

School: Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB)

“Grou is a mobile application that allows our users to find upcoming events, sign up for guest lists, purchase tickets, book VIP tables safely and securely at the touch of a button and get loyalty rewards at nightlife venues. Grou’s additional features allow our clubs to get real-time key analytics for improving their efficiency in the nightlife industry. Grou’s website and mobile applications can help our venue partners increase traffic/revenue, reduce marketing costs, and provide insight into consumer analytics. We are currently live in Barcelona area and Girona-Costa Brava, with other major cities being added soon.”


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