Keaton Fisher Harris

Country: South Africa

Company: InforMED Global


Website: http://www.informedglobal.com/

Facebook: @informedglobal

Instagram: @informed_global


Co-founder Keaton of InforMED Global envisioned breaking the language barrier between healthcare professionals and patients. He identified a significant disparity between the quality of healthcare; the amount of diagnostic testing, and patient disease ownership. Through an offline mobile healthcare language translation tool, InforMED is refining diagnosis, enabling the heightened specificity during the physical exam. Keaton hopes to implement artificial intelligence with machine learning for real-time data results using one’s smartphone.

Palesa Motaung

Country: South Africa

Company: DesertGreen

School: University of Pretoria 

As the answer to an aging farming population and rising food scarcity, Palesa Motaung launched DesertGreen to create new, young farmers, develop current existing small-scale farmers and repurpose under-utilized land in rural Africa for food production. Her long-term vision for the company is to not only educate South African students on how to plant sustainably, but launch
the DesertGreen App, a location-based mobile app platform that offers real-time support during production cycles. In essence, her vision is to feed the future.

Ludwick Marishane

Company: HeadBoy Industries

School: University of Cape Town

Ludwick is the founder of HeadBoy Industries whose flagship product, DryBath emerged as the top student run business of 2011. DryBath, the world’s only bath substitute lotion for the whole body was inspired by Ludwick’s roommate who was often too lazy to take a shower. Launched in 2007, DryBath is now bringing a viable hygiene solution to millions of people with little or no access to clean water. 


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