Berat Kjamili

Country: Turkey

Company: QZenobia Refugee Big Data Analytics Startup

School: Middle East Technical University 

Aiming to show a positive correlation between refugees and development with big data analytics, Berat launched QZenobia, a mobile application that runs as a “refugee hub.” This mobile application provides refugees with the opportunity to submit their data via a questionnaire and search for opportunities such as verified news, jobs and registration processes in the host country. Berat hopes that after three years, the profit generated from his for-profit social enterprise would support over 65 million refugees around the world.


Hasan Zafer Elcik

Company: Otsimo

School: Middle East Technical University

Hasan believes that education must be accessible for everyone to effectively create change. He created Otsimo, a mobile platform that produces educational materials for children with autism and offers reporting and optimization systems based on machine learning to the children’s families. The biggest obstacle he has faced thus far is finding good team players; he overcomes this by giving his employees an inspiring purpose. Thirst for learning is one EO core value that defines Hasan’s journey, because as an educational start-up, he believes learning is the key to success. He also wants to make a mark: “Being in the fortunate 1% of the world gives us a great responsibility. We have to be happy and make people happy. We have to do good for people, improve their lives, touch their life in a better way. When one of us falls, we must all offer a hand to help.”


Matias Daniel Doublier

Company: Electryalg

School: Colegio Marianista

Matias Daniel Doublier is the founder of Electryalg and student at Colegio Marianista in Argentina. Electryalg creates custom, algae-based green energy solutions, turning algae into energy to provide low cost, environmentally sustainable electricity to homes, farms and other areas of Argentina that do not have or cannot afford traditional electricity solutions.



Elizabeth Aguirre Moreno Valle

Company: Fast Fruit Factory

School: TEC de Monterrey

Elizabeth Aguirre Moreno Valle, a student at TEC de Monterrey in Mexico started the Fast Fruit Factory. The company provides fresh fruit and fruit juices at kiosks at schools, universities and malls with the mission to provide healthy food options.


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Jolijt Tamanaha

Company: Farmplicity

School: Washington University in St. Louis

Jolijt is a GSEA Global Finalist in 2013 with her local food marketplace – Farmplicity – when she was a sophomore at Washington University in St. Louis. A year later, she sold Farmplicity to the largest food distributor in St. Louis and co-founded her second company, Champio. Champio was named one of the eight best student startups at SXSW and participated in the Prosper Accelorator’s first class. Jolijt is now the CMO and CFO of Fresh Prints, a custom apparel company that doubles as a platform for student entrepreneurship.


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Fernanda Scottil De Aguinaga

Company: Emma

School: ITAM (Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México)

“Emma provides companionship for the elder generation in Mexico City. Through an online platform, Emma connects busy professionals with a reliable companion that matches their aging parents’ needs, interests and hobbies. Emma’s preventive services enhance the power of active aging by helping seniors regain autonomy, motivation and a sense of purpose in their golden years. We are not caregivers; we provide a much more human and noble service based on a two-way interaction called companionship.”


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Wangechi Mwangi

Company: Valuraha

School: Strathmore University

Mwangi is a student at Strathmore University in Nairobi, and qualified for the awards by winning the East African chapter organized by iBizAfrica, an incubation centre home to Valuraha. The 21-year-old student won the prize after competing against a field of 2,000 entrepreneurs from 38 countries in a series of national and regional competitions. Mwangi and co-founder Kinyanjui Njoroge started Valuraha to help young people learn how to save and invest money. The company runs investment clubs in high schools allowing students to learn about personal finance and investing while interacting with a virtual trading platform that simulates the investment ecosystem in Kenya.


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