Martin Hrabovec

Country: Slovakia

Company: Revolware


Website: www.revolware.com

Facebook: @RevolwareCom

Martin Hrabovec started PillsPro to create a system that efficiently distributes drugs between pharmacies and suppliers. PillsPro is an artificial intelligence operated supply management framework that uses neural networks and self-enhancing algorithms to redistribute medications based on due dates, rarity, availability and other important metrics. Hrabovec goal is to provide patients with necessary drugs, increase profitability of pharmacies and expand our service globally.

Luboš Jurečka

Country: Slovakia

Company: Dreamstory

School: Slovak University of Agriculture

With the goal of bringing happiness to every child, Luboš Jurečka, created Dreamstory and became a creator of personalized children’s books. In today’s world of technology, he hopes to help children improve their vocabulary and further develop their communication skills through reading books. With Dreamstory, parents can help their children engage in these early development skills by creating fairy tales in which they, themselves, are the characters. Jurečka envisions his company expanding to include personalized book for adults as well as translating these stories to other languages.


Dušan Matuška

Company: Octago s.r.o.

School: Comenius University in Bratislava, Faculty of Management, Slovakia

OCTAGO is a fitness lifestyle company, building innovative outdoor workout parks and connecting people with the passion for healthy movement. Our mission is to disconnect young generation from the virtual world and enhance their social and physical development. We build places for them to enjoy time meaningfully, exercising outside for free, while creating new friendships. Our motto describes what we care about. For us “Life matters.”