Ilya Elpanov

Country: Russia

Company: Esh Derevenskoe


Website: https://esh-derevenskoe.ru/

Facebook: @EshDerevenskoe

Instagram: @esh_derevenskoe


Ilya began his entrepreneurial journey in 2015 when he established project Esh Derevenskoe. Growing up in a farming family, Ilya was aware of the problems farmers face in Russia. A natural problem solver, he created a marketplace to helps farmers to sell and deliver their products to the local community. One focus area of Ilya’s business is to help local farmers produce affordable products without worrying about sales.

Dmitry Rubin

Country: Russia

Company: AgroDroneGroup

School:  National Research Nuclear University MEPhI 

Dmitry’s company, AgroDroneGroup, specializes in the development of unmanned systems (drones), scientific methods and software to help solve unique challenges in the agriculture industry. These systems are designed to monitor the health of crops, increase quality of crops, and eliminate the harmful effects of chemicals used in agriculture. Dmitry has faced many challenges in his entrepreneurial journey to create this business, but one of his greatest challenges has been learning to manage his peers in a business environment without tarnishing those personal relationships. As his business continues to grow, Dmitry hopes to expand AgroDroneGroup worldwide, including: Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Germany, Netherlands, France, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and Argentina.

Daniel Mishin

Company: Bear Hostels

School: The Institute of Economics and Computer Science

Daniel Mishin started and owns Bear Hostels, a chain of high quality, low price hostels that first opened its doors in 2009 to give young Americans a place to crash when visiting places like the New Arbat, one of the most happening neighborhoods in Moscow. He put together a website that caters to Americans by featuring visa advice and providing all information in English. Bear Hostels is like a cross between a hotel and a college dorm. It’s largest branch has rooms that can hold up to 16 beds, and the lobby has a communal plasma TV as well as snacks. Bear Hostels has more than 250 bunk beds all over the city center of the Russian capital, being the best StartUp of Russia 2011 and having more than 200 foreign and international newspapers and magazines publications.


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Victor Zubik

Company: Invend

School: PGU

“INVEND – developer systems of self-service The company is engaged in production new innovative solutions in the sphere of self-service”


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