Alondra Toledo

Country: Puerto Rico

Company: UnderstHand


Alondra is a healthy lifestyle and social justice advocate whose focus is reducing inequality affecting disadvantages communities. Her social activism led to the creation of an application that enables communication between health professionals and the hearing impaired. Alondra’s goal is to create more access to health services for deaf and hard-of-hearing communities globally.

Axel Antonio Garcia Burgos

Country: Puerto Rico

Company: PRatian LLC

School:  MIT-Skoltech Graduate Program 

Axel started PRation LLC as a way to create commercial products in the field of astronautics. PRation’s first product, Hydropearl, will be used to reduce water consumption by irrigation systems and provide a fertilizing solution to grow foods for home applications and industrial farming. Axel hopes that Hydropearl will expand across all markets where water consumption by irrigation systems is a critical factor due to high losses or a lack of water.