Ma. Myrene Bea A Battung

Country: Philippines

Company: Prima Facie


Website: https://www.primafacie.ph

Facebook: @primafacieshoes

Instagram: @primafacie_ph


With their entrepreneurial spirit and leadership qualities, Bea co-founded Prima Facie, a shoe company, with high school classmates who shared her passion for the environment and corporate social responsibility. She is a mission-driven entrepreneur who is focused not only on producing a quality shoe but injecting a sense of pride in those who wear the sneaker.


Bea is truly innovative. After discovering water hyacinths, which currently clog metro waterways causing flooding, could be turned into a marketable product in the form of shoes, the Ananda sneaker was born. With every sneaker purchased, the company donates a pair of slippers to a kid in the community through its outreach slipPairs outreach project. Bea’s vision is to revitalize the country’s once thriving shoe industry and eventually expand into markets where water hyacinths also impose a threat.


John Michael Bernil

Country: Philippines

Company: Exora Technologies

School: Ateneo de Manila University

With the high cost of electricity in the Philippines and after becoming aware of the inefficiencies in working with one of the country’s electricity suppliers, John and his co-founder came up with the idea for their company, Exora. Exora is a technology platform that allows businesses to place their electricity profiles up for bidding, giving electricity suppliers the opportunity to put forward a proposal based on the business’ desired price range and contract details. John hopes that a platform like Exora will allow for more competition in the electricity market, hopefully driving prices down. A similar concept could be expanded to the household electricity market in the future.


Nicolas Carunugan

Company: Bioscrub Incorporated

School: Ateneo de Manila University 

Bioscrub Incorporated manufactures and trades safe, sustainable, and specialized cleaning solutions for both personal and professional use. Its flagship brand Rough & Tough Heavy-Duty Hand Scrub is the first industrial-level hand scrub in the Philippines for removing heavy stains from the skin. It comes in two variants: a paint remover and a grease remover. The newest product of Bioscrub Incorporated is Rough & Tough Kitchen Scrub, a hand scrub for removing unwanted food odors and stains from the skin.