Enzo Romero

Country: Peru

Company: Giving A Hand


Website: www.givingahandperu.org


Enzo Romero was born without a right hand. Living with a disability motivated and inspired him to think about designing a solution for other congenital amputees. His inspiration led to the development of a robotic prosthetic hand, which helped him with everyday interactions. Currently, Enzo is a research assistant at the Biomechanics & Applied Robotics Lab at Pontifical Catholic University in Peru. He is majoring in mechatronics engineering. Now the co-founder of Giving a Hand, he is the first student to establish a company in Peru. His goal: to develop a low-cost personalized hand prosthesis for low-income families and individuals. Giving a Hand’s vision is to meet the need and improve access to prosthetics in Latin America.

Fernando Rodriguez

Country: Peru

Company: Miguri

School: National University of San Marcos 

Growing up in Huancavelica, the poorest region in Peru, Fernando wanted to be an agent of change in education technology to improve the education experience for children in low-income areas. Fernando founded Miguri Corp., a company that develops educational technology for emerging economies with hopes to improve STEM education skills. Miguri Corp.’s main activity is manufacturing construction kits for robotics that can be used for pedagogical purposes in schools or as an educational toy in children’s homes. Fernando risked everything, including his job, to invest his time and money into building Miguri Corp., but his constant motivation is remembering the lack of opportunity he had in school and his desire to create a stronger educational system for students in the future.

Carlos Noceda Martorellet

Company: Nutrishake Andino

School: Maria Molinari

Nutrishake Andino is a social enterprise that promotes a comprehensive consumer movement that improves their diet with products that we offer and directly involved them in the financing of projects that change the lives of malnourished children in rural zones of Peru. We sell products with high quality and great taste made from Andean cereals using recognized nutritionists to create products with great value to our society.


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