Kelvin Abdiel Alvarado Ramirez

Country: Panama

Company: Anay


Website: www.yalapps.com

Facebook: @yalapps

Instagram: @yalapps


Kelvin witnessed how relatives and neighbors lost their lives because an interpreter who spoke Spanish did not arrive on time. Inspired to change the outcome for others, he founded the Guna dictionary mobile app (indigenous language of Panamá) to help doctors understand their patients.


Our vision is to reduce the communication gap for indigenous peoples, increasing their access to basic health services, and decreasing the number of deaths resulting from the inability to communicate symptoms and discomfort to the attending physician.

David de Leon

Country: Panama

Company: Medicsite

School: University of the Isthmus

From his experience in the medical industry, David noticed the lack of efficiencies in healthcare technology processes. David felt passionate about making a change to create better processes and took it upon himself to enroll in a business administration program to gain relevant business experience and resources. With these skills and his experience in the medical industry, David launched Medicsite–a technology platform that facilitates healthcare information management for healthcare providers and administrative professionals. This platform is now available in clinics across Panama, France, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia and Paraguay. David hopes that with continual improvement, this platform will be accessible to any country in the world.