Ogheneruona Onothoja

Country: Nigeria

Company: Servicemart


Website: Myservicemart.net

Instagram: @servicemart_


With an 80 percent failure rate in small businesses and over 11 million unemployed youths in Nigeria, Ogheneruona established Servicemart, a social enterprise that digitalize small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) using low cost mobile technology for connectivity and data processing.


Servicemart creates a global market reach, free cash flow and data analysis tools (using machine learning algorithm) for SMEs, ensuring that businesses have at least a 55 percent survival rate.


Ogheneruona’s vision is to support the growth of 100,000 SMEs, and by extension create jobs for 1million Africans by the year 2030. Currently, SMEs are responsible for 50 to 60 percent of all jobs created in Africa.

Olarewaju Fadodun

Country: Nigeria

Company: Temophadis International Enterprise

School: Obafemi Awolowo University 

Olarewaju Fadodun’s talents and expertise led him to start his own business, Temophadis International Enterprise, a producer of nutritious foods that are easy to cook for both busy moms and rural women in villages. Dedicated to quality, creativity and hard work, his company processes and packages affordable food that can be cooked within minutes. Displaying the EO value to “make a mark,” Fadodun uses his knowledge in food science, food microbiology, quality control and graphic design to build the foundation of his business with the hopes of leaving the world a better place. His vision for his company is to be a recognized household name in the food industry in Nigeria.


Blessing Ijoma

Company: Oxhib Ltd

School: Michael Okpara University of Agriculture

We connect SME companies with our In-house staff where we offer our ICT related products and services. We are changing the way companies do business, transforming public service delivery and democratizing innovation.


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