Jamie Penno

Country: New Zealand

Company: F.D.S

School: University of Auckland 

Jamie’s fascination with entrepreneurship started at the age of 5 and she has had many small businesses throughout the years ranging in topic. As a current medical student, Jamie has chosen to focus her minimal free time on her love of writing and created F.D.Soul Ltd. (Feather Down Soul). This creative writing and social media marketing business allows Jamie to make money doing what she loves! Jamie uses her Instagram account with 145,000 followers as a platform to showcase her writing and content. In the last year, Jamie released a book, selling over 1,500 copies all through social media marketing. Jaime hopes to continue writing books and further develop her writing courses.


Jamie Beaton

Company: Crimson Consulting

School: Harvard

From humble beginnings, operating from a dorm room in Harvard, Crimson Consulting has grown into a global organization that spans five continents. As a business, we support applicants in a range of pursuits in the educational and self-development sphere. Whether you’re a 49 year old looking to revitalize your skill set with an MBA at Harvard, or a talented 13 year old tennis player looking to take advantage of the bountiful sport scholarship opportunities in the US, Crimson Consulting can help. Our network of over 400 talented individuals with a diverse range of expertise means that no matter what your educational goals are, we have the team of people and a personalized package that can help you achieve them.


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