Fabian Lindner

Country: Netherlands

Company: Zzinga


Website: http://zzinga.com/

Facebook: @zzingabee

Instagram: @bee_zzinga


Fabian encountered mead for the first time after an exchange semester in Lithuania in 2015. The encounter served as the foundation for his company, Zzinga. His vision is to re-imagine mead as a cider-like, low alcoholic beverage. But more importantly, his mission is environmental and focused on sustainability, biodiversity and the importance of bees to the global ecosystem. Currently, Fabian is in the development phase as Zzinga seeks to distribute its product to neighboring cities.

George Brandenburg

Country: Netherlands

Company: Burg Foods

School: Rotterdam Mainport Institute 

George’s company, Burgs Foods, is revolutionizing the food industry with its flagship product–the cricket burger! Burgs Foods distinguishes itself from other insect food companies by focusing on
crickets and processing the insects in a unique way–incorporating them into new, appealing food products instead of the typical presentation of insect foods as novelty snacks or flours. George
hopes to change the perception of eating insects and to create products that make them an accessible and delicious food source for everyday consumption.


Gonzalo Fernaández

Company: BeCiclos B.V

School: Team Academy

“Welcome to BeCiclos, the company where you can adopt a second hand Dutch bicycle. BeCiclos is here to save thousands of voiceless bikes from getting demolished each year. Everything we do is made in a sustainable way. We use overproduced materials, rescued bikes and our workers are in reintegration processes. Our offer is stylish, high quality and affordable second hand bicycles in an online store, making the customer be able to adopt and receive a bike in their home anywhere in Europe.”


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Steinar Henskes

Company: Bird Control Group

School: Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam

“At 23 years old Steinar Henskes already sold a company twice. He is an inquisitive traveler of the world, ambitious entrepreneur and Dutch judo champion. Steinar studies International Business Administration at the University of Amsterdam. Since 2012 Steinar is a Kairos K50 fellow and Deloitte Technology Fast50 Rising Star. His company, Bird Control Group, solves the conflict between humans and birds in more than 65 countries around the world. Customers include large multinationals, airports and governments in the following industries: aviation, oil & gas, agriculture, fishing and industrial sites & factories. The animal friendly solutions are recognized by the World Wildlife Fund and discussed in national parliaments. Bird Control Group is financed without external equity financing and is part of Yes!Delft, the largest European tech incubator.”


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