Shammi Kapoor

Country: United Arab Emirates

Company: Brain Abilitiez

School: American University in Dubai 

Shammi Kapoor launched Brain Abilitiez, a provider of brain-training assessments to enhance mental performance. His business centers around enriching the lives of his clients by helping them recognize that they are capable of things they originally thought to be impossible. Stemming from his own challenges with mental disorders, Kapoor aims to live every moment, his key to finding true happiness. He then uses this personal fulfillment to help others in recognizing their fullest potential. His vision for Brain Abilitiez focuses around expansion and creating multiple centers in London.


Mohannad Babaeer

Country: Saudi Arabia

Company: iBoat

School: Manipal University 

Recognizing a problem within the marine industry, Mohannad Babaeer launched iBOAT, the first platform empowering tourists to plan and rent boats for vacation trips with safety and ease. Babaeer’s solution positively affects the tourism industry by applying a shared economy model to give tourists easy access to arrange their own trips on their smartphones using GPS. His vision is to expand iBOAT across the region to Dubai, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain and Jordan.


Shahzad Younas

Country: Pakistan

Company: EyeAutomate

School: Superior University 

Inspired to solve the problem of enabling the disabled, Shahzad Younas and his four co-founders launched EyeAutomate, a voiceless and hands-free technology that uses eye gaze interaction to assist the disabled. With his passion to face any obstacles and a strong belief in himself, in the next three years, Younas envisions EyeAutomate as the first complete solution for all types of disabilities.


Abdulrahman Buhiji

Country: Bahrain

Company: Glacé Roll

School: Arabian Gulf University

Abdulrahman combined his passions for both ice cream and entrepreneurship to create his company, Glacé Roll, all while studying medicine at Arabian Gulf University. Creating a company focused on handcrafted gelato required Abdulrahman to take gelato training courses in addition to his medical studies, to gain the skills necessary to succeed in his business. Since opening his first location of Glacé Roll, Abdulrahman has hired many full-time and part-time employees to run the store while he diversified his business approach and started a catering and event services sector.

Muhammad Asad Raza

Company: Neurostic

School: National University of Sciences and Technology


Asad Raza is the Founder and CEO of Neurostic.

Neurostic is an enterprise healthcare company with products ranging from Clinical Decision Support Systems, Smart Health Monitors to Prosthetics. Neurostic is primarily working on diagnosis, monitoring and rehabilitation of people with movement disorders particularly Parkinson’s disease. Additionally, Neurostic provides clinical trial services to other drug and medical device companies.


Neurostic has recently collaborated with National University of Medical Sciences Rawalpindi to use their affiliated hospitals as test beds for Research & Development. One of Neurostic’s products won the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Award in Taipei Taiwan in December 2016. Neurostic has also published its research in International Conferences & Journals.


With projected 409.9 billion dollar wearable healthcare market in 2019, Asad wants Neurostic to become a leader among healthcare companies in the developing world.



Ludwick Marishane

Company: HeadBoy Industries

School: University of Cape Town

Ludwick is the founder of HeadBoy Industries whose flagship product, DryBath emerged as the top student run business of 2011. DryBath, the world’s only bath substitute lotion for the whole body was inspired by Ludwick’s roommate who was often too lazy to take a shower. Launched in 2007, DryBath is now bringing a viable hygiene solution to millions of people with little or no access to clean water. 


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Tokologo Phetla

Company: Moneytree Group (also Student Investor)

School: WITS University

Moneytree Group (Pty) Ltd is a niche Media and Publishing business. Founded by three young entrepreneurs, invested by the 52 year-old Group MD of JM BUSHA Investment Group (www.jmbusha.com), we aim to be a catalyst for nation-building through offering quality, credible and relevant Media and Publishing products. Our flagship product is the Moneytree magazine with current operations in South Africa and Zimbabwe (www.moneytreegroup.co.za).


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Bernard Momanyi

Company: Briglobe LLC

School: University of Nairobi

“Briglobe LLC is a young holding company that builds solutions in Education,Healthcare,Business Commerce and Finance.Our Flagship product is called Onesha(currently operating under the website www.briglobe.com) Onesha enables young people especially students showcase their Skills,talents,abilities,projects done and their experiences in internship/work to employers and professionals with an interest in them by use of visual content.”


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Blessing Ijoma

Company: Oxhib Ltd

School: Michael Okpara University of Agriculture

We connect SME companies with our In-house staff where we offer our ICT related products and services. We are changing the way companies do business, transforming public service delivery and democratizing innovation.


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Abdullah Ahmed

Company: CricFlex

School: National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST)

“We are a tech company working on our first product CricFlex. CricFlex is the world’s first wearable to detect illegal bowling actions in cricket. Cricket is the 2nd most popular game in the world with around 120 million players playing professionally. The biggest controversy in cricket is “”Chucking”” i.e. a bowler bowling at an arm angle greater than 15 degrees. Currently, there is no method for the on spot detection of chucking. A bowler is marked as suspected by the on field umpires through naked eye and then he has to go to a biomechanics lab for testing, and the results come out after 21 days, making the whole process a very subjective and inefficient one. So, we have come up with a low cost, state of the art, aesthetically designed wearable for the real time monitoring and analysis of bowling action in cricket. The device communicates to a smart phone using Bluetooth and a complete visual and graphical analysis is performed.”


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