Diego Roel Chapa

Country: Mexico

Company: Strap Technologies


Website: www.strap.tech

Facebook: @strap.technologies

Instagram: @strap.technologies


His passion for innovation began when he discovered robotics at 7 years old. Three years later, Diego, 10, began teaching robotics. Driven to help the visually impaired, he founded Strap Technologies and developed a wearable device designed to detect any obstacle and notify the user of possible collisions through a vibrating alert system. In nine years, Diego turned his passion into a company whose goal is to help the visually impaired achieve complete autonomy.

Giselle Mendoza

Country: Mexico

Company: GECO

School: Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education

Giselle’s main driving force is to help close the economic inequality gap experienced in Latin America through technology-based entrepreneurship ventures that have a high social and environmental impact. Her most recent venture, GECO, creates 100% biodegradable bioplastic made from orange waste. This product has the potential to be applied in biomedicine, packaging and agriculture as it is an ecological and versatile material that can replace the plastic pollutants derived from petroleum. Giselle hopes to grow GECO’s impact in the future by increasing the industrial production to satisfy a larger customer base.

Julián Ríos Cantú

Company: Higia, Inc.

School: Monterrey Institute of Technology

After his mother’s painful two-time battle with breast cancer, Julián resolved to save women’s lives through early breast cancer detection. Higia Technologies is a Mexican biosensor company dedicated to boosting women’s quality of life through professional self-explorative methods that increase early detection of breast cancer. Its flagship product, EVA, is the first intelligent bra that uses touch, texture, color and pressure to non-invasively assess breast health. The biggest challenge he has faced is overcoming insufficient data deductions and analyses by implementing neural networks that accurately analyze various data results. Julian believes that technology has helped him to give women a better chance of life so that they do not have to suffer what his mother suffered.  “Technological innovation is the main tool to save lives, if you have the passion to innovate and solve problems.”



Elizabeth Aguirre Moreno Valle

Company: Fast Fruit Factory

School: TEC de Monterrey

Elizabeth Aguirre Moreno Valle, a student at TEC de Monterrey in Mexico started the Fast Fruit Factory. The company provides fresh fruit and fruit juices at kiosks at schools, universities and malls with the mission to provide healthy food options.


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Fernanda Scottil De Aguinaga

Company: Emma

School: ITAM (Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México)

“Emma provides companionship for the elder generation in Mexico City. Through an online platform, Emma connects busy professionals with a reliable companion that matches their aging parents’ needs, interests and hobbies. Emma’s preventive services enhance the power of active aging by helping seniors regain autonomy, motivation and a sense of purpose in their golden years. We are not caregivers; we provide a much more human and noble service based on a two-way interaction called companionship.”


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Scott Munguia

Company: Biofase

School: ITESM Campus Monterrey

BIOFASE is an international awarded Mexican company that produces bioplastic by an own patented process. BIOFASE’s bioplastic resins are made out of 100% biopolymers found on the avocado seed, which is an agro-industrial waste, becoming the first company worldwide to use avocado seed as feedstock. In this sense, BIOFASE offers the lowest carbon footprint and more sustainable biodegradable plastic on the global market.


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