Calvin Chan Yi Xuan

Country: Malaysia

Company: Green Hero


Website: www.greenhero.net

Facebook: @mushingreenenterprise

Calvin started Green Hero after learning about the law to ban food waste in France. The law formed the foundation of an idea that later turned into an online food and beverage platform. Green Hero is a space where businesses and individuals can re-distribute or re-sell food at a discounted price. The goal is to cut down on food waste that negatively impacts the environment. All food must be donated to charity, turned to compost, animal food or energy. Calvin plans is to expand Green Hero throughout Southeast Asia, and within five years, across 80 countries.

Xing Yan Choo

Country: Malaysia

Company: E-Med

School: University of Malaya

As a student of opportunity, Xing Yan Choo was always on the search for a problem he could solve or a service that would enrich the lives of others. When he discovered that medical students in Malaysia lacked the resources they needed to enhance their studies, he started his company, E-Med, as a way to bridge the gap by way of an online platform. E-Med not only informs medical students about the latest medical events occurring across the country, but connects them to forums, blogs and videos to further facilitate the exchange of knowledge within the medical industry. Choo’s long-term vision for E-Med is to be a promoter of health and wellness by organizing medical events in rural areas.


Lee Junzhen

Company: GrabGas Technology

School: International College Suabng

We’re a cooking gas ordering platform that connects the cooking gas delivery drivers with customers through mobile and GPS technology. we hope to revamp the Malaysia’s gas delivery industry by making it a more convenient and more efficient means that we can all be proud of.


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