Palesa Motaung

Country: South Africa

Company: DesertGreen

School: University of Pretoria 

As the answer to an aging farming population and rising food scarcity, Palesa Motaung launched DesertGreen to create new, young farmers, develop current existing small-scale farmers and repurpose under-utilized land in rural Africa for food production. Her long-term vision for the company is to not only educate South African students on how to plant sustainably, but launch
the DesertGreen App, a location-based mobile app platform that offers real-time support during production cycles. In essence, her vision is to feed the future.

Gabriel Maya

Company: Zue Beauty

School: Universidad Autonoma de Occidente

Gabriel started his first business and became financially independent by the age of 10. With the teaching and support of his mother, he has carried this entrepreneurial passion into his adult life where he co-founded Zue Beauty- a beauty company dedicated to crafting quality, vegan skin-care products. In addition to promoting health, Zue Beauty drives a broader mission to bring peace to underdeveloped, armed conflict areas and to replace cocaine products with locally sourced herbal products. Gabriel believes that he embodies all four EO core values – he and his team built Zue Beauty with little knowledge about the beauty industry, they strive to improve the quality of life of more than 2000 families in Southern Columbia and hope to inspire other young entrepreneurs to build both profitable and socially impactful businesses.  The biggest obstacle he has had to overcome as an entrepreneur is receiving a life-threatening letter from an armed group telling him to immediately stop promoting the substitution of cocaine crops for healthy crops. Gabriel believes staying true his vision helped him to overcome this fear:

“I remembered one of the best pieces of advice I received from a fellow entrepreneur:” Be Smart, Be tough…Never look back always Forward”. Most people would have walked away from that situation and abandoned the 2,000 families we work with. I did the opposite. I became smarter and tougher and decided to continue the process, taking my precautions and being protected by the 2000 families from the community.”

Jake Jorgovan

Company: Rabbit Hole Creative

School: Belmont University

Jake Jorgovan is an entrepreneur, dreamer, and technology nerd at heart. As a co-founder of Rabbit Hole Creative, Jake grew the company from a dorm room startup into a vibrant leader in the media production industry, a testament to his drive and vision. Living by his mantra ‘follow the rabbit’, Jake explores the unknown in both his personal and professional life. As the honored recipient of the 2011 Nashville Youth Entrepreneur of the Year Award and the third place winner of the 2011 Global Student Entrepreneur Award, Jake is committed to constant self-improvement and growth in the business community. He has worked with such artists as Dolly Parton, Cee Lo Green, and Lady Gaga. Alongside his passion in the workplace, Jake enjoys the outdoors and drawing in his free time.


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Daniel Mishin

Company: Bear Hostels

School: The Institute of Economics and Computer Science

Daniel Mishin started and owns Bear Hostels, a chain of high quality, low price hostels that first opened its doors in 2009 to give young Americans a place to crash when visiting places like the New Arbat, one of the most happening neighborhoods in Moscow. He put together a website that caters to Americans by featuring visa advice and providing all information in English. Bear Hostels is like a cross between a hotel and a college dorm. It’s largest branch has rooms that can hold up to 16 beds, and the lobby has a communal plasma TV as well as snacks. Bear Hostels has more than 250 bunk beds all over the city center of the Russian capital, being the best StartUp of Russia 2011 and having more than 200 foreign and international newspapers and magazines publications.


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Natalia Maczek

Company: MisbehaveMISBHV

School: Jagiellonian University

Natalia Maczek, founder of MISBEHAVE, MISBHV, a street wear clothing company based in Krakow Poland, was one of GSEA finalists 2013. MISHBV was founded by Natalia Maczek in April 2008 in the heart of former East Block as a one-off DIY t-shirt fashion line for a small circle of her closest friends – skaters, rapers, artists and models. Just a few collections later, MISBHV grew into a global brand with a unique aesthetic vocabulary worn by global superstars such as Rihanna, Cara Delevigne, Jourdan Dunn and Azealia Banks. Its collections are sold in a limited number of carefully selected retailers worldwide including: Browns Focus in London, Galleries Lafayette in Paris and I.T. in Hong Kong.


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Alice Igiraneza

Company: Life-changing ltd

School: University of Rwanda

Life-changing do mushroom farming intending to move into transformation, conservation, and packaging for export; which impacts directly on disease prevention mostly all diseases that relate to lack of vitamins or malnutrition influencing the economic growth of the society by providing employment and a cheap crop which can be available in all environments where its cultivation doesn’t require much energies, time and space because you can even cultivate it inside the house using baskets.


Kaeya Majmundar

Company: BZbox & Zip Tank

School: Emory University

“‘You are not an entrepreneur’ is what Barbara Corcoran told 20-year-old inventor Kaeya Majmundar on the season finale of ABC’s television show, Shark Tank. Now, with several wildly popular products under her belt, Kaeya has been working tirelessly to keep up with demand. Her products have been acclaimed on the national and international stage with publications from Sports Illustrated, Complex and Huffington Post to TV segments on The Steve Harvey Show, TMZ, and WGN. Kaeya aspires to not only grow her brand of products, but to continue taking other young entrepreneurs under her wing as well. She travels around the country giving talks and hosting free workshops for aspiring entrepreneurs and also donates a portion of her sales to a charity that helps young underprivileged teens sharpen their business skills. In her free time, Kaeya enjoys any and all things Beyoncé and reads up on Bloomberg Business Week to stay on top of the world’s current trends. ”


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