SeungWoo Lee

Country: Korea

Company: REO

School: Konkuk University

Since childhood, SeungWoo Lee has pondered questions about society and social responsibility. Through this curiosity he turned toward the firefighter community in Korea and found a way to
help society acknowledge and remember firefighters in his social enterprise, REO. His company re-purposes firefighter suits into everyday clothing for consumers, with profits benefiting firefighters in need. Lee hopes to transform the way people view and express gratitude towards these unsung heroes.

Shin Hyelim

Company: Kipla

School: Chung-Ang University

Meet Kipla, an innovative project based on the novel concept of a pet plant targeted for children. It operates on the mobile platform and utilizes its original “smart stick” technology to construct a child-friendly monitoring system of the pet plant. A smart stick – a sensory instrument attached to the plant for routine condition scans – relays to the hooked mobile device a set of essential data including room temperature, humidity, and light level. The process consummates with the information presented on the screen in a child-friendly format. This virtual ecosystem, as we came to name it, ties a child and his pet plant into a single entity. In the long run, Kipla aims to bring together human and nature as one.


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Kim Ju Yoon

Company: Dot

School: University of Washington

Dot is a South Korean startup that produces an active Braille smartwatch that’s a low-cost education and communication tool for the blind. Kim founded Dot with Titus Cheng, a classmate from the University of Washington. The team they built in Seoul includes specialists in hardware, software, and design. In its first round of seed funding, Dot raised US$100,000 from the ActnerLab accelerator and an additional $500,000 from the South Korean government’s Tech Incubator Program for Startup (TIPS). The company will begin its second round of seed funding in August with a goal of raising US$1 million, and it’s hoping for international investors to help promote the company’s products overseas.


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