Ryo Ogawa

Country: Japan

Company: Taimee


Website: https://taimee.co.jp/ 

Facebook: @kuakkataimee


Ryo’s unwavering entrepreneurial spirit fueled his next project after the collapse of his first company. Seeking to revolutionize the recruiting world, he created Taimee, an application that places qualified applicants in their desired role. Ryo’s goal is to simplify the job seeking process by focusing immediacy instead rules and formalities. He is focused on future work technology that will reshape the hiring process.

Yusuke Kimura

Country: Japan

Company:  sharetr.inc

School: University of Tsukuba

With his desire to improve sports education and leadership skills among coaches, Yusuke Kimura created sharetr.inc, an online platform used for nationwide sports leaders to share best practices and teaching methods. Crediting his team for the success of his business, he stresses the importance of building trust and respect, building a community and striving to bring value to society. Currently, sharetr.inc focuses solely on football (soccer), but Kimura’s vision is to expand this service to all sports as well as provide support at the 2020 Olympic Games.