Kate Madden

Country: Ireland

Company: FenuHealth

FenuHealth supplies a range of 100% natural products to the equine industry. Their products surround the issue of stomach problems in horses, as up to 90% of racehorses can suffer from this issue. Kate was inspired to start FenuHeath after she won an award at the largest science fair in Ireland. She decided to turn her scientific idea into a business reality. In the next three to five years, she hopes to grow her online sales greatly and add onto the range of their 9 existing products and 15 countries that buy from her company.

“As an entrepreneur, you need to have a constant drive and constantly asking the questions “Why?” and “How?” to answer any queries that may arise in your business or idea.”

Website: https://fenuhealth.com/
Facebook: @FenuHealth
Instagram: @fenuhealth
LinkedIn: https://ie.linkedin.com/in/kate-madden-80752716b

Catherine (Kate) Madden

Country: Ireland

Company: FenuHealth


Website: www.FenuHealth.com


Instagram: @FenuHealth


Catherine started FenuHealth when she noticed a gap in the market for 100% natural products and supplements for horses that can be used on the day of competition. FenuHealth goal is to continue research and development of new products while maintaining high standards worldwide. Catherine’s five-year plan includes increasing brand awareness through social media marketing, resulting in more online sales.

Dave Calnan

Country: Ireland

Company:  SourceAcademy

School: University College Cork

After learning how to make websites from experience running a social enterprise, Dave started offering his website-building skills to friends, which resulted in being able to pay his way through a year of college. After successfully positioning himself as a resource to his network, Dave had more requests than he could complete and hired a friend to support the projects. This experience opened his eyes to the idea that students could serve as freelancers for projects with established companies. This is when Source Academy was created, a platform for individuals and businesses to hire vetted student freelancers to complete projects for them. His business provides clients with access to top-quality talent at an affordable price while giving student freelancers the opportunity to gain marketable skills and grow their networks.


Chris Kelly

Company: Talamh Innovations

School: University of Limerick

We at Talamh Believe in a better world, a world where technology makes peoples lives easier. We build custom technological solutions for primarily the medical and agricultural industries. We are currently developing a patient and equipment tracking software accompanied by tags & wristbands which will provide information, security, billing systems and administration automation for all hospitals who subscribe to our services. We provide a drone camera system to the agricultural industry which analyses fields for farmers and can save them significant amounts on their fertilizer bills or increase the overall efficiency of their farm. We firmly believe that we have the capacity to change the world by using simple and easy to use technologies.


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