Matthew Rooda

Company: SwineTech, Inc.

School: University of Iowa

Matthew took his childhood farming experience to create optimal solutions for livestock care. Through his agricultural tech company, SwineTech, he provides farmers with the necessary technologies to reduce piglet deaths. The product tracks sows real time health and teaches mother sows to stand up if they are crushing their babies.
The biggest obstacle Matthew has faced was the discouragement from his university animal welfare specialists about the potential of his business idea. He is grateful for his advisor’s encouragement to keep going and the resilience of his team in spite of surrounding doubts. Make a Mark resonates with him the most because of it reminds him to be an everyday source of his inspiration to people who share a similar modest background: “I do not come from a rich family, I am from small town Iowa, and I am not the smartest person in the world. However, I outwork the best of them. I want to be able to walk up to a kid that is in a modest home in the mid-west and encourage them to dream.” Although he considers himself very competitive, Matthew appreciates the insights he and his team gain from depending on one another and external experts.


Dinesh Wadhwani

Company: ThinkLite LLC

School: Babson College

Dinesh Wadhwani has always been tech-savvy. Born and raised in Ghana, he began a career as a technology entrepreneur at the age of 14, developing software and websites for small and medium businesses. Wadhwani established ThinkLite LLC (ThinkLite) in 2009, aimed to provide savings on energy-efficient lighting to consumers and businesses. Since then, ThinkLite has grown to become a global lighting efficiency leader. Wadhwani works with a team of 60 employees who custom design, manufacture, distribute and install energy efficient retrofit solutions for commercial customers and governments.



Mandar Tulankar

Company: Angels R&D Pvt Ltd.

School: Nuva College of Engineering

Mandar Tulankar, a student at Nuva College of Engineering in India and founder of Angels R&D Pvt Ltd., invented the mobile shoe charger that uses the pressure created by walking to power cell phones. “The mobile shoe charger“ which is based on the concept of converting pressure to electricity using PIEZO crystals through piezoelectric effect can end your phone’s battery life woes. The charger is present in the sole of the shoe and as soon as the person wearing the shoe starts walking, the charging will start. The charger has nearly zero maintenance, has easy assembly and handling and is highly affordable to different sections of the society.



Spencer Quinn

Company: FiberFix

School: Brigham Young University

“Quinn, a Brigham Young University student, Shark Tank star and co-founder and CEO of FiberFix, will receive his share of $150,000 in cash and in-kind business services from the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) to help Quinn successfully continue on his entrepreneurial journey. In 2013, Quinn and his cousin Eric Child founded FiberFix, the heavy-duty repair tape that is 100x stronger than duct tape. They have been featured on Shark Tank, QVC and are already in more than 1,600 stores across the nation. “”Someone once told me, if you’re going to be anything in life, be passionate. Being a part of the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards has surrounded me with some of the most talented, passionate people on the planet,”” said Spencer Quinn, co-founder and CEO, FiberFix. “”I am just so incredibly grateful for the support from EO and GSEA. I look forward to nurturing the many relationships I’ve made with the other students and members of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization and to growing FiberFix over many years to come.”


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Kim Ju Yoon

Company: Dot

School: University of Washington

Dot is a South Korean startup that produces an active Braille smartwatch that’s a low-cost education and communication tool for the blind. Kim founded Dot with Titus Cheng, a classmate from the University of Washington. The team they built in Seoul includes specialists in hardware, software, and design. In its first round of seed funding, Dot raised US$100,000 from the ActnerLab accelerator and an additional $500,000 from the South Korean government’s Tech Incubator Program for Startup (TIPS). The company will begin its second round of seed funding in August with a goal of raising US$1 million, and it’s hoping for international investors to help promote the company’s products overseas.


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Ruben Miessen

Company:  Remedia BVBA

School:  Erasmus University College Brussels

We use technology to push people to meet each other, manage your team on the go and promote your services using location-based advertising. Via a unique business model we created a much more effective location-based advertising model than how Location-Based Advertising works nowadays with beacons. We also offer an organizational tool to companies which makes it possible to organize their employees based on their location. Besides those 2 platforms we also created FriendFinder, a mobile application which you can use to track the location of your friends.


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Gino Tubaro

Company:  Atomic Lab

School: UTN – (National Technology Universe)

Atomic Lab is a startup based on: “Do the inventions that change de world”, we are based in Algarrobo 1041, Buenos Aires, Argentina, there we have more than 20 3D printers for the Limbs Project, one of the inventions of Atomic Lab. Limbs is an online platform for those who need a prosthetic hand, this is done in 3 easy steps: 1) the user upload the hand size 2) he choose a design (like superheroes or football teams, for example) 3) We print (or the Atomic Ambassador) the prosthetic and we delivered that for free. We have spent more than 2 years developing this project to reach the goal of 1000 prosthetics given for free in the second half of 2016. This project was featured by Barack Obama. We also work in a Dynamic Braille, a project winner of MIT TR35 as the innovation of the year, a solar 3D printer with bottles as material, and a heart care shirt among others.


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