Agus Wibowo

Country: Indonesia

Company: Agrolestari Merbabu


Instagram: @agus_wibowo15


Seeing an opportunity to increase potato productivity in Indonesia, Agro Lestari Merbabu founder Agus Wibowo’s mission is to increased yields from16-18 tons per hectare, which marks the lowest output to date. In doing so, Wibowo’s vision is to improve the welfare and well-being of potato farmers and their families.


A lucrative commodity, potato chips are one of many products produce from the farmer’s harvest. According to the Indonesia statistics board, certified potato seeds are able to cover 15 of the national needs of potatoes. Furthermore, post-harvest processing is done to increase the selling value of potatoes.

Andi Hilmy Mutawakkil

Country: Indonesia

Company:  Garuda Energi Nusantara

School: Universitas Negeri Makassar

With his passion to be the first biodiesel producer in eastern Indonesia, at the age of 20, Andi launched Garuda Energi Nusantara, a bioenergy company focused on producing biofuel sourced from used cooking oil. Andi has engaged with his surrounding community to collect oil from restaurants and hotels, to not only produce biofuel to be sold as fuel for industrial diesel vehicles and equipment, but also to help provide alternate fuel sources for the local fisherman. Andi’s vision for the future of Garuda Energi Nusantara is to diversify the used cooking oil collection approach and explore the potential of household oil waste as a new source for biofuel production.


Vania Santoso

Company: STARTIC, Artistic Eco-fashion

School: Universitas Airlangga

STARTIC stands for Stylish Art in Ecopreneurship. Its masterpiece innovation offers exotic leather-lookalike bag as an alternative to unethical fashion. STARTIC enables the handmade recycled products tap into the fashion industry. It is aimed towards consumer who are fashionable and social conscious. Each bag produced delivers impact to reduce waste and improve welfare of under-privileged communities.


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