Alberto Jose Soto Benítez

Country: Guatemala

Company: Utopia Premium Tea


Website: http://utopiapremiumcoffee.com/


Alberto started Utopia Premium Tea after identifying a void in the marketplace: the lack of quality tea in Central America. In the journey to find the best product, he discovered the Coban region in Guatemala produced exquisite tea. Alberto’s commitment to exposing the world to Coban tea has strengthened the brand as Utopia continues to flourish.


Today, Utopia Premium Tea is known for using 100 percent local ingredients, establishing itself as the first tea blending company in Guatemala. Utopia’s vision for the future is to continue producing high- quality tea provider while expanding its client base locally and internationally.

Juan José Asensio

Country: Guatemala

Company: 1bot

School: ESI School of Management 

Guatemala ranks 134th out of 138 countries evaluated by the World Economic Forum in terms of quality of education in science and technology for primary schools. 1bot, A Robot for Every Child, is a social enterprise that seeks to bring Science, Technology, Engineering, Entrepreneurship and Mathematics (STEEM) education to the children of Guatemala, encouraging them to become technology creators and not just users of technology. 1bot uses robotics and programming as tools for children to learn on their own in fun and inspiring learning environments. Juan is making great strides with 1bot in the education system in Guatemala, already obtaining some of the most prestigious schools as clients.


Adolfo Castañeda

Company: Rain Smart

School: Universidad Francisco Marroquín

Equipito LLC was created for the purpose of serving as a commercial vehicle for any ideas that I intended to turn into businesses. For the past year I’ve been working on a product called Rain Smart. It’s essentially a gadget for your car in order to avoid rain water when getting in and out of your car. We have had 3 prototypes, 2 small market research samples, 1 unsuccessful Indiegogo campaign, and one Gadget Flow listing that has drawn a LOT of attention. Over 10,000 people have seen Rain Smart online in less than 50 days, 1,800+ people have shown interest to pre-order at a price point of $99 but have been drawn away by the waiting period. We are trying to start a company around this product, through distribution agreements, licensing and online sales.