Aleksi Rannikko

Country: Finland

Company: Aboe Oy


Website: www.aboe.fi

Facebook: @AboeOfficial

Instagram: @aboe.fi


Aleksi’s lifelong passion for sports, marketing and entrepreneurship is the inspiration behind Aboe. His ultimate goal is to modernize sports marketing in Finland through brand versatility, brand strategy, creative storytelling and a customer-centric approach to business. Currently, Aleksi is working with several brands in Finland, making Aboe a household name locally as he envisions one day expanding globally.

Samuli Taskila

Country: Finland

Company: Entis

School:  University of Turku

Starting his business when it was illegal to sell insect-based foods, Samuli Taskila launched Entis and began selling cricket bags as “eye candy.” In September 2017, insects were approved and legalized for human consumption. Soon after, Entis released its first product, chocolate-covered crickets, which are now available in over 150 grocery stores across the country. In three years,
Taskila envisions Entis as the leading brand of insect food in Finland and across Scandinavia.


Lina Toiovnen

Company: Smooth It Ay

School: Turku university of applied sciences

Smooth it is the first smoothie bar in the country that is located in a hypermarket in Finland, hypermarket named K-Citymarket Kupittaa. The founders and owners of the company is two very lively and glad students, Lina Toiovnen and Irina Nurmi from Turku, Finland. Customers at Smooth it can decide by themselves what ingredients they want to have in their smoothie, the ingredients changes depending on the harvest time. The concept of Smooth it is also the first one in Finland. We are “do it yourself”- types who prefers fast and healthy snacks that tastes like homemade.


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