Ruth Herrera

Country: El Salvador

Company: MOCA



Instagram: @mocaoficialsv

Ruth Herrera started MOCA as a project to contribute to the El Salvadorian economy. Her entrepreneurial journey began with encouraging not only women but families and individuals to wear the styles and colors that make them feel comfortable. Herrera’s hoping to expand across the globe, helping others recover the confidence and self-esteem through MOCA swimwear. A champion for body positivity, she’s remarked, “Every body is a bikini body.”

Julio Ábrego

Country: El Salvador

Company:  SPOT

School: Don Bosco University

Julio Ábrego’s company, SPOT, develops software based on artificial intelligence (AI). The implementation of his AI software, through video analysis and cloud computing, allows for more effective collection, analysis and management of data in real-time. As an entrepreneur, trusting in his own personal abilities, as well as being persistent and disciplined, created an opportunity for Ábrego to build a business in a community with little familiarity of cloud technology. Ábrego’s long-term vision focuses on being a software development leader in Latin America.


Sofia de Huguet

Company: April Store

School: Universidad Centro Americana

Sofia de Huguet, Universidad Centro Americana, El Salvador. Founder of April Store, a clothing store for true fashion lovers that helps young women in need. The IFC Award is given to a profitable, sustainable business creating job opportunities in developing countries. 



Violeta Martinez

Company: Vaiza

School: Universidad Dr. José Matías Delgado

“VAIZA is an accessory brand that works with artisans who have the same passion, discipline and compromise for work to give its consumers a bit of their cultural heritage through products that become art pieces, creating opportunities that become jobs for people with unique abilities to treat leather and textile design. The social commitment of Vaiza is to highlight each of its product’s excellence with which they are handmade by Salvadoran artisans, working hand in hand with the designer, seeking to create a work environment that involves the entire community to obtain products rich in textures, local materials and manufacturing processes.”


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