Johanna Salazar

Country: Ecuador

Company: Moshal


Website: https://moshalchocolateria.blogspot.com/

Facebook: @moshalchocolateartesanal


Johanna’s company, Moshal, applies the circular economy model with fair trade best practices to improve the lives of Ecuadorian farmers and their families. She is also motivated to use the cocoa residue from her products as biomass for renewable energy, setting an example for other business owners that corporate social responsibility is a vital component for healthy company. Johanna envisions becoming a global reference for others in the food and beverage industry.

Christian Torres

Country: Ecuador

Company:  Kriptos

School: University of the Americas

Christian has identified as an entrepreneur since the age of 15, selling electronics and helping in his family’s motorcycle business. His passions as an entrepreneur led him to start Yambuu, a security and information control add-on for any email-compatible software (Office 365, Gmail, and Exchange). Yambuu gives users the ability to send email more securely and track the forwarding of personal information to third parties. In the next three years, Christian expects Yambuu to operate in three different Latin American countries.


David Moreta

Company: CompuCare

School: Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja

HelpDesk and Computer Services for SMEs.


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