Gustavo Fuga dos Reis

Country: Brazil

Company: 4YOU2


Website: www.4y2.org

Facebook: @4you2idiomas

Instagram: @4you2idiomas


Gustavo envisioned creating a platform for low-income families and individuals to learn English. The first low-cost model for language learning, 4YOU2 is Brazil’s fully interactive platform bringing students face to face with English teachers from 50 countries. The learning model is conversational, in real-time, blending grammar exercises with real-life scenarios. Currently, 4YOU2 has 10,000 students and eight schools. Gustavo and his team plan to open 30 new schools in the next 30 months.

Fabiane Kuhn

Country: Brazil

Company: Raks

School: University of the Sinos River Valley

After years of encouragement to turn a school project into a full-fledged business, Fabiane made the tough decision to shift from a stable career path as a software developer to the unknown path of entrepreneurship. Fabiane’s company, Raks, began as a school project in 2015 and currently develops systems to optimize agricultural irrigation processes using innovative field-installed moisture sensors. Raks offers increased productivity, reduced costs and real-time tracking of field information in a simple user interface. In future years, Fabiane hopes to add additional products to the agriculture technology market and become a recognized and trusted name in the industry.


Alyson Tabosa

Company: Coteaqui

School: Universidade Federal de Pernambuco

Coteaqui is a website specialized in construction materials prices and designed for construction companies. Using Coteaqui, companies make their one click research with thousands of material providers, without using telephone or e-mail.


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