Shaikha Khaled Alabbasi

Country: Bahrain

Company: Cro&Knit


Website: www.croandknit.com

Instagram: @ Croandknit


Shaikha founded Cro&Knit; Bahrain’s first brand for high quality fabric, yarn and craft supplies in the region. Her passion for art and crochet is the driving force behind Cro&Knit affordable, easy to materials. Coupled with the company’s focus on design and sustainability, Cro&Knit will continue to grow and empower artisans through environmental initiatives and traditional crafts.

Abdulrahman Buhiji

Country: Bahrain

Company: Glacé Roll

School: Arabian Gulf University

Abdulrahman combined his passions for both ice cream and entrepreneurship to create his company, Glacé Roll, all while studying medicine at Arabian Gulf University. Creating a company focused on handcrafted gelato required Abdulrahman to take gelato training courses in addition to his medical studies, to gain the skills necessary to succeed in his business. Since opening his first location of Glacé Roll, Abdulrahman has hired many full-time and part-time employees to run the store while he diversified his business approach and started a catering and event services sector.