Puwish Bowarnditkhunlanad

Country: Thailand

Company: D’Cup Ice Cream

School: Chiang Mai University 

Puwish decided to turn his passion and hobby of making ice cream for friends into a business. D’CUP Ice Cream not only produces quality ice cream, but also helps local farmers by purchasing
fruit from local organic farms. Furthermore, he looks to tackle the student unemployment problem by creating jobs for university students and giving them the opportunity to learn new leadership
skills. His values as an entrepreneur are in creating sustainability for his company, community and the environment.


Shelly Wang

Country: Taiwan

Company: Tuanyuan Nuts

School: National Taiwan Normal University

Looking to answer the question, “How can we eat more healthfully?” Shelly Wang and her partner launched Tuanyuan Nuts and quickly became the fastest growing e-commerce nut brand in Taiwan. With the personal motto to always be courageous and never admit defeat, Wang overcame many challenges to fulfill her dream of making a difference in the food industry. Wang’s vision for the future positions her company as a recognizable and leading brand as well as bringing peace of mind and health to the people of Taiwan.


Kevin Toh

Country: Singapore

Company: Hatchme

School: Singapore Management University 

Using proprietary Talent Rank Technology, Kevin Toh’s company, Hatchme, is an AI-powered recruitment and job search platform that provides employers with superior recruitment capabilities
at significantly reduced costs. Kevin credits his success to creating an environment where he is fully autonomous and capable of making and learning from his mistakes. His long-term vision is to be the leading one-stop talent development and management platform in the region.


John Michael Bernil

Country: Philippines

Company: Exora Technologies

School: Ateneo de Manila University

With the high cost of electricity in the Philippines and after becoming aware of the inefficiencies in working with one of the country’s electricity suppliers, John and his co-founder came up with the idea for their company, Exora. Exora is a technology platform that allows businesses to place their electricity profiles up for bidding, giving electricity suppliers the opportunity to put forward a proposal based on the business’ desired price range and contract details. John hopes that a platform like Exora will allow for more competition in the electricity market, hopefully driving prices down. A similar concept could be expanded to the household electricity market in the future.


Jamie Penno

Country: New Zealand

Company: F.D.S

School: University of Auckland 

Jamie’s fascination with entrepreneurship started at the age of 5 and she has had many small businesses throughout the years ranging in topic. As a current medical student, Jamie has chosen to focus her minimal free time on her love of writing and created F.D.Soul Ltd. (Feather Down Soul). This creative writing and social media marketing business allows Jamie to make money doing what she loves! Jamie uses her Instagram account with 145,000 followers as a platform to showcase her writing and content. In the last year, Jamie released a book, selling over 1,500 copies all through social media marketing. Jaime hopes to continue writing books and further develop her writing courses.


Xing Yan Choo

Country: Malaysia

Company: E-Med

School: University of Malaya

As a student of opportunity, Xing Yan Choo was always on the search for a problem he could solve or a service that would enrich the lives of others. When he discovered that medical students in Malaysia lacked the resources they needed to enhance their studies, he started his company, E-Med, as a way to bridge the gap by way of an online platform. E-Med not only informs medical students about the latest medical events occurring across the country, but connects them to forums, blogs and videos to further facilitate the exchange of knowledge within the medical industry. Choo’s long-term vision for E-Med is to be a promoter of health and wellness by organizing medical events in rural areas.


SeungWoo Lee

Country: Korea

Company: REO

School: Konkuk University

Since childhood, SeungWoo Lee has pondered questions about society and social responsibility. Through this curiosity he turned toward the firefighter community in Korea and found a way to
help society acknowledge and remember firefighters in his social enterprise, REO. His company re-purposes firefighter suits into everyday clothing for consumers, with profits benefiting firefighters in need. Lee hopes to transform the way people view and express gratitude towards these unsung heroes.

Yusuke Kimura

Country: Japan

Company:  sharetr.inc

School: University of Tsukuba

With his desire to improve sports education and leadership skills among coaches, Yusuke Kimura created sharetr.inc, an online platform used for nationwide sports leaders to share best practices and teaching methods. Crediting his team for the success of his business, he stresses the importance of building trust and respect, building a community and striving to bring value to society. Currently, sharetr.inc focuses solely on football (soccer), but Kimura’s vision is to expand this service to all sports as well as provide support at the 2020 Olympic Games.

Andi Hilmy Mutawakkil

Country: Indonesia

Company:  Garuda Energi Nusantara

School: Universitas Negeri Makassar

With his passion to be the first biodiesel producer in eastern Indonesia, at the age of 20, Andi launched Garuda Energi Nusantara, a bioenergy company focused on producing biofuel sourced from used cooking oil. Andi has engaged with his surrounding community to collect oil from restaurants and hotels, to not only produce biofuel to be sold as fuel for industrial diesel vehicles and equipment, but also to help provide alternate fuel sources for the local fisherman. Andi’s vision for the future of Garuda Energi Nusantara is to diversify the used cooking oil collection approach and explore the potential of household oil waste as a new source for biofuel production.


Tsun Kit Hui

Country: Hong Kong

Company: Sightecho

School: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Tsun Kit Hui’s desire to improve the inherent problems of scuba diving led to the creation of his business Sightecho, a company producing scuba diving masks integrated with a transparent eye display and basic communication functions. All life-saving information needed is safely displayed within the diver’s line of sight on the mask. Hui’s short-term goal aims to add additional features to allow for color correction and fish recognition. His long-term vision for Sightecho is to build the world’s first smart scuba diving mask with augmented reality.