Rodrigo Leopoldo Attadía Graña

Country: Argentina

Company: VESTI


Website: http://vesti.com.ar

Facebook: @vestiargentina

Instagram: @vestiargentina


Polo Graña had an idea to forge a partnership between customers and garment workers that would impact in the fashion industry around the globe. The idea is VESTI, a tech-fashion company empowering customers to design their own dresses while creating job opportunities for underemployed workers. Graña’s goal is to start a digital fashion revolution that would focus not only in the innovation of the product but also in the social responsibility of the stakeholders behind.

Facundo Noya

Country: Argentina

Company: Ebers

School: National University of Cordoba


Certain side effects of diabetes can require the need for extensive medical attention and can have a life-altering impact on the patient. One of the common side effects of diabetes is the loss of sensation in the feet, potentially leading to amputation of that limb. The impact of these side effects caused Facundo to start his company, Ebers, which produces Bluetooth-enabled shoe insoles with temperature and humidity pressure sensors that monitor the climate of the foot in hopes of avoiding ulcers that lead to amputations. This technology is controlled by a Bluetooth connection to a cell phone, providing the patient with all of the information and reminders necessary to avoid this unfortunate side effect. Facundo hopes to continue growing the product and providing more innovations in the future to markets outside of Argentina.


Matias Daniel Doublier

Company: Electryalg

School: Colegio Marianista

Matias Daniel Doublier is the founder of Electryalg and student at Colegio Marianista in Argentina. Electryalg creates custom, algae-based green energy solutions, turning algae into energy to provide low cost, environmentally sustainable electricity to homes, farms and other areas of Argentina that do not have or cannot afford traditional electricity solutions.



Gino Tubaro

Company:  Atomic Lab

School: UTN – (National Technology Universe)

Atomic Lab is a startup based on: “Do the inventions that change de world”, we are based in Algarrobo 1041, Buenos Aires, Argentina, there we have more than 20 3D printers for the Limbs Project, one of the inventions of Atomic Lab. Limbs is an online platform for those who need a prosthetic hand, this is done in 3 easy steps: 1) the user upload the hand size 2) he choose a design (like superheroes or football teams, for example) 3) We print (or the Atomic Ambassador) the prosthetic and we delivered that for free. We have spent more than 2 years developing this project to reach the goal of 1000 prosthetics given for free in the second half of 2016. This project was featured by Barack Obama. We also work in a Dynamic Braille, a project winner of MIT TR35 as the innovation of the year, a solar 3D printer with bottles as material, and a heart care shirt among others.


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