Abdullah Ahmed

Company: CricFlex

School: National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST)

“We are a tech company working on our first product CricFlex. CricFlex is the world’s first wearable to detect illegal bowling actions in cricket. Cricket is the 2nd most popular game in the world with around 120 million players playing professionally. The biggest controversy in cricket is “”Chucking”” i.e. a bowler bowling at an arm angle greater than 15 degrees. Currently, there is no method for the on spot detection of chucking. A bowler is marked as suspected by the on field umpires through naked eye and then he has to go to a biomechanics lab for testing, and the results come out after 21 days, making the whole process a very subjective and inefficient one. So, we have come up with a low cost, state of the art, aesthetically designed wearable for the real time monitoring and analysis of bowling action in cricket. The device communicates to a smart phone using Bluetooth and a complete visual and graphical analysis is performed.”


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Diana Mbogo

Company: Millennium Engineers

School: University of Dar Es Salaam

We design, construct and sell wind turbines to households in areas with potential wind speed. We don’t import any material for construction of these turbines. We also provide the services of installation and maintenance of the turbines. Our main objective is to provide sustainable, reliable and efficient electric power generation sources using wind energy.


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Alice Igiraneza

Company: Life-changing ltd

School: University of Rwanda

Life-changing do mushroom farming intending to move into transformation, conservation, and packaging for export; which impacts directly on disease prevention mostly all diseases that relate to lack of vitamins or malnutrition influencing the economic growth of the society by providing employment and a cheap crop which can be available in all environments where its cultivation doesn’t require much energies, time and space because you can even cultivate it inside the house using baskets.


Ommy Mushota

Company: Marina Roberts

School: University of Lusaka (UNILUS)

Marina Roberts is a creative shop, I sale clothes, jewelry and home accessories from different countries. Sometimes, I usually sale my things on Sunday market which is a market at a shopping mall called Arcades, where people sale most of their creative things like furniture, clothing, and many more, I engage in personal selling from home as well.



Wangechi Mwangi

Company: Valuraha

School: Strathmore University

Mwangi is a student at Strathmore University in Nairobi, and qualified for the awards by winning the East African chapter organized by iBizAfrica, an incubation centre home to Valuraha. The 21-year-old student won the prize after competing against a field of 2,000 entrepreneurs from 38 countries in a series of national and regional competitions. Mwangi and co-founder Kinyanjui Njoroge started Valuraha to help young people learn how to save and invest money. The company runs investment clubs in high schools allowing students to learn about personal finance and investing while interacting with a virtual trading platform that simulates the investment ecosystem in Kenya.


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