Maureen Basemera

Country: Uganda

Company: Glitz PAMB

School: Ashesi University College 

Maureen Molly Basemara is the owner of Glitz PAMB, a jewelry company specializing in African jewelry. Her company’s mission is to bring sentimental value to every jewelry product made with
a focus on celebrating one’s national spirit and love of country. Each jewelry piece is handcrafted and customized with bronze metals and beads. Her vision for the future of Glitz PAMB is not only
to educate and employ young girls in the community for a brighter future, but to be the leading jewelry brand in Africa.

Gilda Given Silayo

Country: Tanzania

Company: Maisha Package

School: University of Dar es Salaam

Gilda’s hope to minimize the rate of teenage pregnancy in Tanzania inspired her business, LifePackage Solutions Company Ltd, which produces a product called MaishaPackage. This product is a package of sexual and reproductive health information including menstrual hygiene products such as sanitary pads, underpants, urine PH tests and condoms. This package provides a convenient, safe and affordable product to the youth in Tanzania, allowing young women to take control and responsibility of their sexual and reproductive health. Gilda has worked hard over her lifetime to rise above her circumstances and be a student of opportunity, continually finding new ways to improve her life and hopes this product will help other youth do the same.


Palesa Motaung

Country: South Africa

Company: DesertGreen

School: University of Pretoria 

As the answer to an aging farming population and rising food scarcity, Palesa Motaung launched DesertGreen to create new, young farmers, develop current existing small-scale farmers and repurpose under-utilized land in rural Africa for food production. Her long-term vision for the company is to not only educate South African students on how to plant sustainably, but launch
the DesertGreen App, a location-based mobile app platform that offers real-time support during production cycles. In essence, her vision is to feed the future.

Issa Toure

Country: Senegal

Company: Azerty School

School:  Cheikh Anta Diop University

As a lifelong learner, Issa was inspired to launch Azerty School which provides advanced teaching methods in schools using web and mobile solutions. He is using his company to revolutionize and evolve technology in the education system. Azerty School contributed to the improvement of education by training over 130 teachers and more than 6,500 students. In three years, Issa’s vision for Azerty School is to transform a quarter of the educational content teachers currently use in primary schools into a digital format.


Olarewaju Fadodun

Country: Nigeria

Company: Temophadis International Enterprise

School: Obafemi Awolowo University 

Olarewaju Fadodun’s talents and expertise led him to start his own business, Temophadis International Enterprise, a producer of nutritious foods that are easy to cook for both busy moms and rural women in villages. Dedicated to quality, creativity and hard work, his company processes and packages affordable food that can be cooked within minutes. Displaying the EO value to “make a mark,” Fadodun uses his knowledge in food science, food microbiology, quality control and graphic design to build the foundation of his business with the hopes of leaving the world a better place. His vision for his company is to be a recognized household name in the food industry in Nigeria.


Towett Ngetich

Country: Kenya

Company: Uthabiti Healthcare

School:  Moi University 

As a socially driven entrepreneur, and with the need to solve the rising counterfeit drug market problem in Africa, Towett Ngetich launched Uthabiti, an app connecting patients to certified doctors and nearby pharmacies with the ability for patients to receive orders right to their doorstep. Adopting the EO core value of making a mark, Ngetich states it is his company’s core mandate to solve this social problem and further improve a self-sustained community through healthy living and well-being. His vision for Uthabiti is to expand and build a counterfeit-free market in Africa.


Omar Moneim

Country: Egypt

Company:  Jereed

School: Ain Shams University 

Omar Moneim’s company Jereed produces furniture, parquet and accessories made from palm midribs. Palm midribs are a discarded natural resource that replace wood in his product designs and surfacing. His company uses this material because it is environmentally friendly and a more durable resource than imported wood. Jereed’s vision is to expand to five new locations in Egypt as well as establish a production unit in the Middle East region.


Tokologo Phetla

Company: Moneytree Group (also Student Investor)

School: WITS University

Moneytree Group (Pty) Ltd is a niche Media and Publishing business. Founded by three young entrepreneurs, invested by the 52 year-old Group MD of JM BUSHA Investment Group (www.jmbusha.com), we aim to be a catalyst for nation-building through offering quality, credible and relevant Media and Publishing products. Our flagship product is the Moneytree magazine with current operations in South Africa and Zimbabwe (www.moneytreegroup.co.za).


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Bernard Momanyi

Company: Briglobe LLC

School: University of Nairobi

“Briglobe LLC is a young holding company that builds solutions in Education,Healthcare,Business Commerce and Finance.Our Flagship product is called Onesha(currently operating under the website www.briglobe.com) Onesha enables young people especially students showcase their Skills,talents,abilities,projects done and their experiences in internship/work to employers and professionals with an interest in them by use of visual content.”


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Blessing Ijoma

Company: Oxhib Ltd

School: Michael Okpara University of Agriculture

We connect SME companies with our In-house staff where we offer our ICT related products and services. We are changing the way companies do business, transforming public service delivery and democratizing innovation.


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