Max M. Mohammadi

Country: Sweden

Company: Heartstrings

School: KTH Royal Institute of Technology 

After his grandmother’s sudden heart attack, Max was determined to find a better way to identify early stages of heart disease. As a result, Max launched his company, Heartstrings, an accurate, non-invasive and low-cost tool based on proprietary artificial intelligence technology for screening and early diagnosis of heart disease. Heartstrings’ breakthrough technology has been tested successfully and validated with more than 700 patients through two clinical trials. His vision for Heartstrings is to save at least 1 million lives each year over the next three years.

Muhammad Asad Raza

Company: Neurostic

School: National University of Sciences and Technology


Asad Raza is the Founder and CEO of Neurostic.

Neurostic is an enterprise healthcare company with products ranging from Clinical Decision Support Systems, Smart Health Monitors to Prosthetics. Neurostic is primarily working on diagnosis, monitoring and rehabilitation of people with movement disorders particularly Parkinson’s disease. Additionally, Neurostic provides clinical trial services to other drug and medical device companies.


Neurostic has recently collaborated with National University of Medical Sciences Rawalpindi to use their affiliated hospitals as test beds for Research & Development. One of Neurostic’s products won the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Award in Taipei Taiwan in December 2016. Neurostic has also published its research in International Conferences & Journals.


With projected 409.9 billion dollar wearable healthcare market in 2019, Asad wants Neurostic to become a leader among healthcare companies in the developing world.



Brett Sheffield

Company: Sheffield Farms

School: University of Manitoba

Brett Sheffield is a student at the University of Manitoba in Canada and founder of Sheffield Farms and Stay Fit Health Club. Sheffield Farms is a 1,700-acre grain farm in rural Manitoba, founded in 2008 utilizing the latest farming technology. Stay Fit Health Club is a 24-hour fitness center in its first year of operation. After winning the Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurship (ACE) competition, Sheffield advanced to the Entrepreneurs’ Organization’s GSEA to take second place. 



Jordi Munoz

Company: 3D Robotics

School: CETYS Universidad

Jordi Munoz is co-founder and CTO of 3D Robotics. He was born in Ensenada, Mexico, and raised in Tijuana. He studied briefly at Ensenada’s Center for Technical and Higher Education before moving to southern California in 2007, where in his free time he designed and built his first drone. The autopilot ran on circuitry he lifted from a Wii remote. 3D Robotics which is the leading open unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) company designs and manufactures electronics and aerial vehicles, including multicopters and airplanes. It has more than 150 employees, with annual sales of $10 million per year.


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Daniel Dubois

Company: ShareShed

School: Capilano University

Airbnb for outdoor adventure equipment


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Scott Munguia

Company: Biofase

School: ITESM Campus Monterrey

BIOFASE is an international awarded Mexican company that produces bioplastic by an own patented process. BIOFASE’s bioplastic resins are made out of 100% biopolymers found on the avocado seed, which is an agro-industrial waste, becoming the first company worldwide to use avocado seed as feedstock. In this sense, BIOFASE offers the lowest carbon footprint and more sustainable biodegradable plastic on the global market.


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