Danya Sherman

Country: United States

Company: KnoNap

School: George Washington University 

With her passion to start a movement to end sexual assault and exploitation facilitated by rape drugs, Danya launched KnoNap, a napkin that tests for rape drug presence in drinks. Danya’s motivation in launching KnoNap stemmed from her personal tie to the issue of sexual assault, but she is constantly inspired and motivated by the stories of her peers. At the start of this venture, Danya’s personal experience became an obstacle; every conversation or pitch involved sharing her story of sexual assault. However, after making the mental decision to no longer see herself as a victim but rather as a survivor, she became a voice for this issue. Committed to pushing for social change, Danya hopes that in three years, KnoNap products will be available nationwide at any public bars, clubs, grocery stores, liquor stores, universities, health centers and drug stores.


Maureen Basemera

Country: Uganda

Company: Glitz PAMB

School: Ashesi University College 

Maureen Molly Basemara is the owner of Glitz PAMB, a jewelry company specializing in African jewelry. Her company’s mission is to bring sentimental value to every jewelry product made with
a focus on celebrating one’s national spirit and love of country. Each jewelry piece is handcrafted and customized with bronze metals and beads. Her vision for the future of Glitz PAMB is not only
to educate and employ young girls in the community for a brighter future, but to be the leading jewelry brand in Africa.

Shammi Kapoor

Country: United Arab Emirates

Company: Brain Abilitiez

School: American University in Dubai 

Shammi Kapoor launched Brain Abilitiez, a provider of brain-training assessments to enhance mental performance. His business centers around enriching the lives of his clients by helping them recognize that they are capable of things they originally thought to be impossible. Stemming from his own challenges with mental disorders, Kapoor aims to live every moment, his key to finding true happiness. He then uses this personal fulfillment to help others in recognizing their fullest potential. His vision for Brain Abilitiez focuses around expansion and creating multiple centers in London.


Berat Kjamili

Country: Turkey

Company: QZenobia Refugee Big Data Analytics Startup

School: Middle East Technical University 

Aiming to show a positive correlation between refugees and development with big data analytics, Berat launched QZenobia, a mobile application that runs as a “refugee hub.” This mobile application provides refugees with the opportunity to submit their data via a questionnaire and search for opportunities such as verified news, jobs and registration processes in the host country. Berat hopes that after three years, the profit generated from his for-profit social enterprise would support over 65 million refugees around the world.


Puwish Bowarnditkhunlanad

Country: Thailand

Company: D’Cup Ice Cream

School: Chiang Mai University 

Puwish decided to turn his passion and hobby of making ice cream for friends into a business. D’CUP Ice Cream not only produces quality ice cream, but also helps local farmers by purchasing
fruit from local organic farms. Furthermore, he looks to tackle the student unemployment problem by creating jobs for university students and giving them the opportunity to learn new leadership
skills. His values as an entrepreneur are in creating sustainability for his company, community and the environment.


Gilda Given Silayo

Country: Tanzania

Company: Maisha Package

School: University of Dar es Salaam

Gilda’s hope to minimize the rate of teenage pregnancy in Tanzania inspired her business, LifePackage Solutions Company Ltd, which produces a product called MaishaPackage. This product is a package of sexual and reproductive health information including menstrual hygiene products such as sanitary pads, underpants, urine PH tests and condoms. This package provides a convenient, safe and affordable product to the youth in Tanzania, allowing young women to take control and responsibility of their sexual and reproductive health. Gilda has worked hard over her lifetime to rise above her circumstances and be a student of opportunity, continually finding new ways to improve her life and hopes this product will help other youth do the same.


Shelly Wang

Country: Taiwan

Company: Tuanyuan Nuts

School: National Taiwan Normal University

Looking to answer the question, “How can we eat more healthfully?” Shelly Wang and her partner launched Tuanyuan Nuts and quickly became the fastest growing e-commerce nut brand in Taiwan. With the personal motto to always be courageous and never admit defeat, Wang overcame many challenges to fulfill her dream of making a difference in the food industry. Wang’s vision for the future positions her company as a recognizable and leading brand as well as bringing peace of mind and health to the people of Taiwan.


Simon Hofer

Country: Switzerland

Company: Rebel Technologies

School: University of St. Gallen 

With his EO core value of “boldly go,” Simon Hofer quickly learned that execution is the key to entrepreneurship and didn’t waste a single day working to bring his idea to life. Rebel Technologies is a proximity-based social network and marketplace app dedicated to ease communication for college students. Despite the high concentration of students on campus, the Rebel App allows students to reach others to trade and engage in other activities outside of their normal social circles. In three years, Hofer envisions Rebel Technologies as the leading platform for student interactions in Europe and the US.


Max M. Mohammadi

Country: Sweden

Company: Heartstrings

School: KTH Royal Institute of Technology 

After his grandmother’s sudden heart attack, Max was determined to find a better way to identify early stages of heart disease. As a result, Max launched his company, Heartstrings, an accurate, non-invasive and low-cost tool based on proprietary artificial intelligence technology for screening and early diagnosis of heart disease. Heartstrings’ breakthrough technology has been tested successfully and validated with more than 700 patients through two clinical trials. His vision for Heartstrings is to save at least 1 million lives each year over the next three years.

Peshala Dayanatha

Country: Sri Lanka

Company: Pol Sambol

School:  National School of Business Management 

During a conversation with friends, Peshala Dayanatha realized there was a widespread issue for Sri Lankan people to find authentic, non-processed food available for lunch during the work day. To solve this problem, Dayanatha launched PolSambol, creating a new delivery option for authentic food, while also creating jobs for stay-at-home moms. Like most entrepreneurs, he faced many challenges, including quality control and ensuring the food was prepared to the proper standard. In three years, Dayanatha plans to open his own PolSambol kitchen and move to a more environmentally friendly approach, using biodegradable packaging that creates zero waste.