Gino Tubaro

Company:  Atomic Lab

School: UTN – (National Technology Universe)

Atomic Lab is a startup based on: “Do the inventions that change de world”, we are based in Algarrobo 1041, Buenos Aires, Argentina, there we have more than 20 3D printers for the Limbs Project, one of the inventions of Atomic Lab. Limbs is an online platform for those who need a prosthetic hand, this is done in 3 easy steps: 1) the user upload the hand size 2) he choose a design (like superheroes or football teams, for example) 3) We print (or the Atomic Ambassador) the prosthetic and we delivered that for free. We have spent more than 2 years developing this project to reach the goal of 1000 prosthetics given for free in the second half of 2016. This project was featured by Barack Obama. We also work in a Dynamic Braille, a project winner of MIT TR35 as the innovation of the year, a solar 3D printer with bottles as material, and a heart care shirt among others.


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