Diana Mbogo

Company: Millennium Engineers

School: University of Dar Es Salaam

We design, construct and sell wind turbines to households in areas with potential wind speed. We don’t import any material for construction of these turbines. We also provide the services of installation and maintenance of the turbines. Our main objective is to provide sustainable, reliable and efficient electric power generation sources using wind energy.


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Pattaraphon Boonchai

Company: Invigorating Robot Activity Project

School: King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok 

I create the robot in many types of robot almost base on interesting competition, not only in the country but also abroad too. Including to train the knowledge in robotics for the young generation who has been interested the robotics.




Batu Karakus

Company: Stubridge

School: Bahcesehir University

21st Century Universities provides three things; Education, Vision and Network. StuBridge merely focuses on the Network side. Stubridge is an online and mobile platform where students can connect with classmates, friends and share their ideas, notes, critics about their university. Only specific universities can sign up with their .edu addresses, selecting their courses and starting share with other students.


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Tom Charman

Company: Kompas

School: University of Exeter

KOMPAS allows you to leverage your interests, and personal profile to find the best places suited to you when visiting a new city. Find reviews from places by people similar to yourself, and have the most enjoyable time when traveling. Our goal is to make your travel experience tailored to what you want, depending on where you are.


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Peeyush Shrivastava

Company: Genetesis

School: The Ohio State University

Genetesis is a privately held medical technology company oriented towards the development of efficient and non-invasive cardiac current density mapping. Our technology utilizes the body’s weak magnetic fields to reconstruct, computationally, areas of high and low electrical conductivity in the heart. Our software, the Genetesis CardioFlux Mapping System, is able to characterize deep sources of current that are consistently missed by the EKG, and does so with the utmost accuracy and 3D visualization. With its noninvasive design, CardioFlux has exciting diagnostic capabilities which will hopefully improve patient safety and physician confidence, with ultimate reduction in cost to the healthcare system.


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Alice Igiraneza

Company: Life-changing ltd

School: University of Rwanda

Life-changing do mushroom farming intending to move into transformation, conservation, and packaging for export; which impacts directly on disease prevention mostly all diseases that relate to lack of vitamins or malnutrition influencing the economic growth of the society by providing employment and a cheap crop which can be available in all environments where its cultivation doesn’t require much energies, time and space because you can even cultivate it inside the house using baskets.


Ommy Mushota

Company: Marina Roberts

School: University of Lusaka (UNILUS)

Marina Roberts is a creative shop, I sale clothes, jewelry and home accessories from different countries. Sometimes, I usually sale my things on Sunday market which is a market at a shopping mall called Arcades, where people sale most of their creative things like furniture, clothing, and many more, I engage in personal selling from home as well.



Dorji Tshering

Company: Dorjee Souvenirs Shop

School: Gaeddu College of Business Studies

We provide souvenir items as per the customers demand and beside this we also provide printing, xerox, lamination, color photo printing, binding and other stationeries which is having huge market demand. Dorjee Souvenir Shop mainly focuses on customer friendly service.



Ruben Miessen

Company:  Remedia BVBA

School:  Erasmus University College Brussels

We use technology to push people to meet each other, manage your team on the go and promote your services using location-based advertising. Via a unique business model we created a much more effective location-based advertising model than how Location-Based Advertising works nowadays with beacons. We also offer an organizational tool to companies which makes it possible to organize their employees based on their location. Besides those 2 platforms we also created FriendFinder, a mobile application which you can use to track the location of your friends.


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Md. Fozley Elahi

Company: NutriFeed

School: University of Dhaka

NutriFeed produces novel, culturally-acceptable poultry feeds that is: a) low-cost: 52% lesser than existing feeds solution. b) waste-recycling: made from readily-available but unexploited environmental resources & agricultural waste such as mango seed kernels; elephant grass; unused vegetable waste etc. NutriFeed operates a community-based and self-supportive model where we engage local youths and women in the collection of raw materials. Besides, we select, train and empower and deprived unemployed women for supplying and selling our farms’ products within their own communities. As our novel raw materials are very cheap, we sell feeds to the poultry farmers at USD 6 for one sack (25 kg) whereas competitor’s price ranges from USD 12 to USD 15. NutriFeed’s main competitive advantages are a) the unique production process- from fruit kernel, peel vegetable waste to poultry feed b) Local unemployed youth and women are the suppliers of the raw materials and seller of the NutriFeed products c) NutriFeed’s sell feed at 52% lower cost. Until now we have raised fund USD 40000 of which USD 20000 from our own capital, USD 13,000 from bank loan, and USD 7000 from the external investor in exchange of 5% equity.


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