Nicolas Carunugan

Company: Bioscrub Incorporated

School: Ateneo de Manila University 

Bioscrub Incorporated manufactures and trades safe, sustainable, and specialized cleaning solutions for both personal and professional use. Its flagship brand Rough & Tough Heavy-Duty Hand Scrub is the first industrial-level hand scrub in the Philippines for removing heavy stains from the skin. It comes in two variants: a paint remover and a grease remover. The newest product of Bioscrub Incorporated is Rough & Tough Kitchen Scrub, a hand scrub for removing unwanted food odors and stains from the skin.


Dawid Chmielarz

Company: Ness

School: Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Krakowie

A fast-growing company which specializes in waterless car-washing services. It is led by well-organized team of automotive enthusiasts. Ivan my co-funder have a huge knowledge about cars service and Market, Mateusz deal with IT support, I am responsible for administration. We all love people, cars, business, sailing and have a entrepreneur vision. We are pioneers on the Polish innovative carwash technology market. Our services are mobile in the true meaning of this word – you do not have to worry about the need of driving to a specific place. We will wash your car just where it is parked! Our company is environmentally friendly – due to our method we preserve drinking water.



Victor Zubik

Company: Invend

School: PGU

“INVEND – developer systems of self-service The company is engaged in production new innovative solutions in the sphere of self-service”


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Kwa Jian Hui Jackson

Company: TechSociety Private Limited

School: Singapore Management University

TechSociety is a new-generation coding academy that works with students aged 10-18 YO through a Tech Entrepreneurship curriculum across Singapore, Hong Kong, and Vietnam. We leverage and redesign physical classroom spaces with our proprietary “Play, Experiment, Create, Pitch” pedagogy to achieve optimal engagement and maximum education outcomes for students. We are the founding member and creator of The Curiosity Network, a curated digital platform that is akin to the Star Alliance of the education industry – that includes seamless education experiences across partners and a Frequent Learner Program (Earn/Redeem Curiosity Points for Classes within the Network). We aim to change the future of Tech Education and bring together together premier education companies and providing high-quality holistic education across Asia & the world.




Dušan Matuška

Company: Octago s.r.o.

School: Comenius University in Bratislava, Faculty of Management, Slovakia

OCTAGO is a fitness lifestyle company, building innovative outdoor workout parks and connecting people with the passion for healthy movement. Our mission is to disconnect young generation from the virtual world and enhance their social and physical development. We build places for them to enjoy time meaningfully, exercising outside for free, while creating new friendships. Our motto describes what we care about. For us “Life matters.”




Arnau Navarro

Company: Grou App

School: Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB)

“Grou is a mobile application that allows our users to find upcoming events, sign up for guest lists, purchase tickets, book VIP tables safely and securely at the touch of a button and get loyalty rewards at nightlife venues. Grou’s additional features allow our clubs to get real-time key analytics for improving their efficiency in the nightlife industry. Grou’s website and mobile applications can help our venue partners increase traffic/revenue, reduce marketing costs, and provide insight into consumer analytics. We are currently live in Barcelona area and Girona-Costa Brava, with other major cities being added soon.”


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Buddhika Jayawardhana

Company: Siplo

School: University of Moratuwa

Siplo is an online peer tutoring platform. Tutors of our platform are the top ranked students of highly competitive Advanced Level examination(which is the only way to get entered to a state university) and got selected to state universities for degree and waiting 11 months at home without any purpose until they get the university admissions. Students of our platform are the students who are preparing for the advanced level examination. Our platform helps to the tutors to earn some money during the free 11 months and to be in touch with the subjects until they get entered to universities. It helps the students to get clarified their problems instantly and cheaply by a top top Advanced Level ranked tutors from all around the country.


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Johan Wikström

Company: Genomtänkt Kommunikationsbyrå Sverige AB

School: Mittuniversitetet (Mid Sweden University)

We have three value propositions. We work with content marketing, we build e-commerce with Magento and we create loyalty programs. We also run a student association where we include students from the Mid Sweden University to participate in our projects.


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Carlo Badini

Company: Cleverclip GmbH

School: University of Berne (Switzerland)

Since April 2013 we pursue one simple goal: Helping people getting their ideas across in a meaningful and lasting way. We achieve this by producing explainer videos, infographics and fully animated presentations for companies around the world.




Hsi Tzu Chang

Company: City Wanderer

School: National Taiwan University

“We believe better you makes better world. We create a brand-new offline educational competition,which is called City Wanderer Competition ,with gamification thought. It’s a competition with series of missions which are designed for the participant to learn the ability of self-awareness through achieving. For example, there’s a missions ask participants to provide free hugs on the street. We set 31 different missions in a competition. According to the increasing number of participants year by year. First, we do B2C model, which means that the participant fee. Now we also do B2B, which means that we charge the companies by promoting their products and services in the missions.”