Shin Hyelim

Company: Kipla

School: Chung-Ang University

Meet Kipla, an innovative project based on the novel concept of a pet plant targeted for children. It operates on the mobile platform and utilizes its original “smart stick” technology to construct a child-friendly monitoring system of the pet plant. A smart stick – a sensory instrument attached to the plant for routine condition scans – relays to the hooked mobile device a set of essential data including room temperature, humidity, and light level. The process consummates with the information presented on the screen in a child-friendly format. This virtual ecosystem, as we came to name it, ties a child and his pet plant into a single entity. In the long run, Kipla aims to bring together human and nature as one.


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Lee Junzhen

Company: GrabGas Technology

School: International College Suabng

We’re a cooking gas ordering platform that connects the cooking gas delivery drivers with customers through mobile and GPS technology. we hope to revamp the Malaysia’s gas delivery industry by making it a more convenient and more efficient means that we can all be proud of.


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Fernanda Scottil De Aguinaga

Company: Emma

School: ITAM (Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México)

“Emma provides companionship for the elder generation in Mexico City. Through an online platform, Emma connects busy professionals with a reliable companion that matches their aging parents’ needs, interests and hobbies. Emma’s preventive services enhance the power of active aging by helping seniors regain autonomy, motivation and a sense of purpose in their golden years. We are not caregivers; we provide a much more human and noble service based on a two-way interaction called companionship.”


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Paras Katuwal

Company: Nepal Thopa SInchai Pvt. Ltd

School: The British college

Nepal Thopa Sinchai Pvt. Ltd. (NTS) is working on supply of advance agricultural and smart irrigation tools and services to farmers and institute working in technology based modern agriculture. It is a pioneering name in the field of complete irrigation package in Nepal through delivery of drip and sprinkler irrigation, fogger system as well as fertigation equipment for 10 m2 of small land holders to hectors of commercial agricultural farm, golf courses, hotel gardens, residential and offices premises along with training package, counseling to new farmers as well as doing feasibility study for commercial agriculture including layout and farm designing.


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Gonzalo Fernaández

Company: BeCiclos B.V

School: Team Academy

“Welcome to BeCiclos, the company where you can adopt a second hand Dutch bicycle. BeCiclos is here to save thousands of voiceless bikes from getting demolished each year. Everything we do is made in a sustainable way. We use overproduced materials, rescued bikes and our workers are in reintegration processes. Our offer is stylish, high quality and affordable second hand bicycles in an online store, making the customer be able to adopt and receive a bike in their home anywhere in Europe.”


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Guillermo Jiménez

Company: Eleganza Boutique

School: Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria

Our company is created to be a pioneer in the e-commerce of Nicaragua, beginning work in 2012 and created by Guillermo Jimenez a college student with an entrepreneurial spirit. Eleganza Boutique specializes in providing a unique shopping experience via online through the social network Facebook, by offering products of foreign brands at competitive prices. The service includes personalized advice attention in the process of purchase and delivery. Currently it has achieved more than 17,000 likes and a portfolio of over 300 clients nationwide.




Blessing Ijoma

Company: Oxhib Ltd

School: Michael Okpara University of Agriculture

We connect SME companies with our In-house staff where we offer our ICT related products and services. We are changing the way companies do business, transforming public service delivery and democratizing innovation.


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Abdullah Ahmed

Company: CricFlex

School: National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST)

“We are a tech company working on our first product CricFlex. CricFlex is the world’s first wearable to detect illegal bowling actions in cricket. Cricket is the 2nd most popular game in the world with around 120 million players playing professionally. The biggest controversy in cricket is “”Chucking”” i.e. a bowler bowling at an arm angle greater than 15 degrees. Currently, there is no method for the on spot detection of chucking. A bowler is marked as suspected by the on field umpires through naked eye and then he has to go to a biomechanics lab for testing, and the results come out after 21 days, making the whole process a very subjective and inefficient one. So, we have come up with a low cost, state of the art, aesthetically designed wearable for the real time monitoring and analysis of bowling action in cricket. The device communicates to a smart phone using Bluetooth and a complete visual and graphical analysis is performed.”


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Jamie Beaton

Company: Crimson Consulting

School: Harvard

From humble beginnings, operating from a dorm room in Harvard, Crimson Consulting has grown into a global organization that spans five continents. As a business, we support applicants in a range of pursuits in the educational and self-development sphere. Whether you’re a 49 year old looking to revitalize your skill set with an MBA at Harvard, or a talented 13 year old tennis player looking to take advantage of the bountiful sport scholarship opportunities in the US, Crimson Consulting can help. Our network of over 400 talented individuals with a diverse range of expertise means that no matter what your educational goals are, we have the team of people and a personalized package that can help you achieve them.


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Carlos Noceda Martorellet

Company: Nutrishake Andino

School: Maria Molinari

Nutrishake Andino is a social enterprise that promotes a comprehensive consumer movement that improves their diet with products that we offer and directly involved them in the financing of projects that change the lives of malnourished children in rural zones of Peru. We sell products with high quality and great taste made from Andean cereals using recognized nutritionists to create products with great value to our society.


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