Ryan Beckmand

Company: Sciosity Builds Advanced

School: Curtin University

Sciosity builds advanced virtual reality simulations for clients within the academic and private sector to revolutionize the way technology is used to develop tangible and complex skills. Through using existing course content and assessment criteria, the team at Sciosity use this as a foundation to build tailored virtual reality simulations in which a trainee or student can experience situations they would otherwise never be able to in reality due to danger or impracticality. Furthermore, each trainee or student is consistently being tracked and challenged while using the simulation to enhance the learning experience and the understanding of the student from the assessor’s perspective. Going forward Sciosity have some rapid expansion plans, including moving into the Defence sector over the coming months as well as releasing publicly available analytics and simulations for easy use via a simple download. Sciosity is one of the first entities in the country to successfully utilize and combine Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Mining Analytics technologies to enhance the relevance of VR to educational purposes, rather than just entertainment.


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Alyson Tabosa

Company: Coteaqui

School: Universidade Federal de Pernambuco

Coteaqui is a website specialized in construction materials prices and designed for construction companies. Using Coteaqui, companies make their one click research with thousands of material providers, without using telephone or e-mail.


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Daniel Dubois

Company: ShareShed

School: Capilano University

Airbnb for outdoor adventure equipment


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Tokologo Phetla

Company: Moneytree Group (also Student Investor)

School: WITS University

Moneytree Group (Pty) Ltd is a niche Media and Publishing business. Founded by three young entrepreneurs, invested by the 52 year-old Group MD of JM BUSHA Investment Group (www.jmbusha.com), we aim to be a catalyst for nation-building through offering quality, credible and relevant Media and Publishing products. Our flagship product is the Moneytree magazine with current operations in South Africa and Zimbabwe (www.moneytreegroup.co.za).


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Li Yanhan

Company: Saville Bespoke Suits

School: Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

Saville is advanced gentleman tailoring institution which providing professional men personal appearance guidance & management.



Diego Hernández

Company: Zaga FC

School: Universidad de los Andes

Zaga FC is an e-commerce and Market Place specialized in soccer. We give to our customers unique buying experiences through the customization of official soccer products and the development of a network surrounded 100% by sports passion. Zaga FC is also the solution for all of the professional soccer teams. We offer them the full commerce service and administration of their official online stores. As a whole, Zaga FC connects soccer with their followers passion.


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Paulo Vargas

Company: Gluten Free Factory (Grupo Industrial PAMA S.A)

School: Universidad de Costa Rica

The Gluten Free Factory, es una empresa especializada en alimentación saludable sin gluten, pionera para Costa Rica en investigación y desarrollo de alimentos libres de gluten certificados mediante análisis de laboratorio y una de las primeras empresas en este campo para américa latina, ofrece productos destinados a la población que padece la enfermedad celiaca (conformada por las personas que tiene algún grado de intolerancia al gluten; proteína presente en el trigo, avena, cebada y centeno) , personas con enfermedades gluten dependientes, deportistas y personas que busquen salud y bienestar.


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Thomas Zilén Kjær

Company: Mobilized Construction

School: Aalborg University

Mobilized Construction is developing and deploying a community-based road maintenance methodology to maintain dirt roads in rural communities in Uganda. We are utilizing SMS text messaging to deploy employees to urgent maintenance areas and two GPS-tracking mobile apps to measure road quality. Our community-based approach improves road quality and matches road maintenance needs with available labor, delivering a more reliable and cost effective solution. We predict our approach can be as low as $2,000-$3,000 USD per km compared to $16,000-$20,000 USD charged by traditional heavy-machinery based companies.


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David Moreta

Company: CompuCare

School: Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja

HelpDesk and Computer Services for SMEs.


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Violeta Martinez

Company: Vaiza

School: Universidad Dr. José Matías Delgado

“VAIZA is an accessory brand that works with artisans who have the same passion, discipline and compromise for work to give its consumers a bit of their cultural heritage through products that become art pieces, creating opportunities that become jobs for people with unique abilities to treat leather and textile design. The social commitment of Vaiza is to highlight each of its product’s excellence with which they are handmade by Salvadoran artisans, working hand in hand with the designer, seeking to create a work environment that involves the entire community to obtain products rich in textures, local materials and manufacturing processes.”


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