Andre Bertram

Country: Canada

Company: HelpWear

School: University of Waterloo

At the age of 17, Andre founded HelpWear as a way to help his co-founder’s disabled mother call for help quickly. HelpWear’s main product, HeartWatch, is a wearable, at-home ECG monitor that allows healthcare practitioners unprecedented access to their patient’s data, and the ability to perform automatic pathology detection notifying patients and doctors of changes in the patient’s health status. This technology creates an accessible, comfortable and inexpensive opportunity to revolutionize the way doctors monitor their patients. Andre has overcome many challenges, including his lack of experience in the healthcare technology industry when he began this journey, but continues to move forward and expects to receive clinical approval this year, allowing HeartWatch to be sold to hospitals around the world.


Sadira Yeong Min Yi

Company: Readpublic

School: University of Malaya


Sadira’s interest has always been in entrepreneurship. However, without any business experience or academic background, starting Readpublic was a leap of faith. Readpublic is a centralized platform that curates book prices from online bookstores and offers a marketplace feature for readers to buy and sell their used books. Thirst for Learning describes her best because it highlights her commitment to acquiring the necessary entrepreneurial skills that have equipped her to run her business. “When I wanted to pursue this idea, I was afraid to take the opportunity. But a saying which I hold dearly is, “You’ll miss 100% of the chance if you don’t take it”. Thus, I take each opportunity seriously and I believe everything is an chance to grow”.




Garrett Gee

Company: Scan.me

School: Brigham Young University

Garrett Gee, a Brigham Young University student whose company, Scan, developed one of the most-used apps for QR Code scanning on mobile devices. In their first year, Scan grew to over 10 million users and raised $1.7 million from Google Ventures, Lady Gaga, and other top Venture Capitalists. At age 13, Garrett set the Genius World Record for Tetris.



Mikhail Naumov

Company: The GREEN Program

School: Rutgers University

Mikhail Naumov is a founder of The GREEN Program, a provider of experiential education programs in Costa Rica. GREEN, or Global Renewable Energy Education Network, combines volunteering with education, and develops programs that teach participants about reusable energy through developing an actual green energy site for an area in need. “”If you want young talent to drive innovation in environmentally-minded development and business, you need to train them and you should do the education before they enter an industry with existing norms.”” said Mikhail. The GREEN Program has applied its unique educational model into the world’s cutting edge industries and continues to be the leader of experiential educational programs in the the world, for the world. The GREEN Team serves as the fundamental catalyst for thousands of students breaking into and transforming the clean energy and sustainability industries.


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Daniel Fine

Company: Glass-U

School: University of Pennsylvania

Daniel Fine is a 2015 Graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. He is the founder and CEO of Team Brotherly Love and The Fine Companies, which include sunglass company Glass-U, medical app Dosed, and Boston based tutoring firm NexTutors. Team Brotherly Love has raised over $2 million for Type-1 diabetes research. Glass-U makes fully-folding sunglasses and is licensed to hundreds of universities and nearly every fraternity and sorority in the US. It has been featured at events ranging from The Rose Bowl to Lollapalooza and this past summer, was an official licensee to produce sunglasses for the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Dosed is a mobile solution intended to revolutionize the way that diabetics manage and track their insulin dosage.


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Peeyush Shrivastava

Company: Genetesis

School: The Ohio State University

Genetesis is a privately held medical technology company oriented towards the development of efficient and non-invasive cardiac current density mapping. Our technology utilizes the body’s weak magnetic fields to reconstruct, computationally, areas of high and low electrical conductivity in the heart. Our software, the Genetesis CardioFlux Mapping System, is able to characterize deep sources of current that are consistently missed by the EKG, and does so with the utmost accuracy and 3D visualization. With its noninvasive design, CardioFlux has exciting diagnostic capabilities which will hopefully improve patient safety and physician confidence, with ultimate reduction in cost to the healthcare system.


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Alex Maclean

Company: East Coast Lifestyle

School: Acadia University

The DNA of East Coast Lifestyle is simple: it’s about being proud of where you’re from. In March of 2013, Alex MacLean, a senior Business student at Acadia University was asked to start a temporary business for an Entrepreneurship class project. With an $800 loan from his dad and a passion to rep his coast, Alex produced his first 30 East Coast Lifestyle hoodies and sold them to his closest friends. Using the proceeds from the first batch, ECL began distribution from the trunk of Alex’s car and on his moms front lawn for several months until the birth of the popular anchor logo.


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