Sarah Pomeranz

City/State: NJ, USA

Company: Sulis

School: Rutgers University

“A personal mentor of mine once defined entrepreneurship as “Creating the future.” Creating the future, to me, though, is not enough. My mission is to create a better future. As both a student entrepreneur and a student of entrepreneurship, I believe fully embodying entrepreneurship means striving to leave the world better than you found it and empowering those around you to do the same.” -Sarah Pomeranz


Ali Roghani

City/State: Washington, D.C., USA

Company: ThermaSENSE Corp

School: Virginia Tech

“My entire entrepreneurship journey was enabled by my technological innovation and invention. As a result, I have always relied on myself to make ThermaSENSE successful. I’ve also learned that services provided by external resources are, in many cases, inferior to what you can achieve on your own. Furthermore, it is exciting when one’s work grabs the attention of investors and companies and they are shocked


Alan Phung

City/State: San Francisco CA, USA

Company: Viet-Impact Coffee

School: Denison University

“We can’t solve a Rubix cube, but we have grit. Normally when people feel tired, they rest…but we don’t. When we feel exhausted we are more invigorated, it pushes us forward. When something is harder, we simply work more and find innovative solutions to make the process smoother. Maybe one day we’ll learn how to solve the Rubix cube, but until then we’ll have to continue to grind.” -Alan Phung

Andrew Hirsh

City/State:  CT, USA

Company: Olive Branch Pictures Inc.


School: Wesleyan University

“If I had to choose, I would say “Boldly Go!” best describes me as an entrepreneur because I have really taken a leap of faith and committed my life to this pursuit and I am going after one of the most intractable conflicts ever faced in the history of civilization; the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” -Andrew Hirsh


Austin Yoshino

City/State:  HI, USA

Company: Manaola Innovations, Inc.


School: University of Hawaii at Manoa

“When it’s all said and done, my biggest gift to the world will be my legacy. I am aiming to inspire the next generation of difference makers to follow their dreams. The leading edge devices that Manaola Innovations will develop will inspire others to push the limits of innovation and re-invent our ideals of what we know to be possible.” -Austin Yoshino


Bhavika Wani

City/State:  Cleveland, OH, USA

Company: AmbiFly


School: University of Cincinnati

“The biggest obstacle that I overcame as an entrepreneur is the ability to understand different perspectives and think about the bigger picture. I eventually realized that the biggest benefit one can have is of understanding and accommodating different perspectives because sometimes other people’s views are better for the growth and future of the idea.” -Bhavika Wani


Brandon Gotlieb

City/State:  Columbus, OH, USA

Company: NXTSTOR


School: Ohio State University

“Boldly Go!” is an exact embodiment of my character. I will always send the email and reach out to someone because you never know where life will take you or what it could lead to. I believe in myself and never question why somebody wouldn’t meet with me or appreciate what we’re doing. -Brandon Gotlieb


Brian Hoang

City/State:  Dallas, TX, USA

Company:Immosis LLC

School: The University of Texas at Dallas

“I’m driven not by simple interest or passion, but by a pure obsession and desire to create positive impact at scale and become the best at what I do. I view entrepreneurship as a craft that can be mastered through lifelong practice and discipline (although one may argue that entrepreneurship is too broad to be mastered). Even if I retire from building startups one day, my end goal is to become an impact investor so that I can help the next generation of humanitarian entrepreneurs improve our world.” -Brian Hoang


Brianna Makaric

City/State:  Detroit, MI, USA

Company: BRITE bites

School: Michigan State University

“The core value “Make a Mark” describes me because the goal I created for BRITE bites™ was to change the way we think about snacks and life. “Be Balanced. Stay Real. Show Integrity. Gain Trust. Spread Energy.” I want to make a mark on consumers’ mindsets of healthy food and healthy living.” -Brianna Makaric


Bryson Pritchard

City/State:  South Florida, FL, USA

Company: Pritchard Innovation

School: Stetson University

“My core value would be “Boldly Go!” I am attempting to have a big impact in a complex and intimidating industry…My medical device boldly questions the traditional method that we use to administer medications within healthcare today. I am betting on the ability to be able to do a better, safer, and more efficient way to give medications. Questioning what has been done the same for the past one hundred years requires the confidence in your idea to change the way professionals practice medicine.” -Bryson Pritchard