Shabandri Bilal

Country: United Arab Emirates

Company: arcab

Bilal created arcab along with his co-founder, Kevin, to solve a personal problem they had with long commute times on public transport and expensive ride hailing. arcab is a mobility service that helps commuters who want to move daily from point A to point B by reducing the gap between expensive private transport and crowded public transport through optimized routes, affordable transit and comfortable travel in premium vans. Bilal hopes to expand operations across the city first and then expand to the MENA region to help millions of commuters find a better way to get to work.

“You have to aim to be the best in the world AND provide opportunity for others to grow as a result of your success. That’s the difference between greatness and legacy. To empower an under-served community to thrive and flourish because of your decision to give back.”

Website: http://www.arcab.ae
Facebook: @arcabtogether
Instagram: @arcabtogether