Sakib Manzur

Country: Bangladesh

Company:  Sketchboard Interactive

School: University of Dhaka 

Sakib started Sketchboard Interactive, a production company specializing in visual copywriting for business organizations. Instead of seeing every project as an opportunity to earn profit, Sketchboard Interactive positions those projects as opportunities to create art. In three years, Sakib hopes Sketchboard Interactive will become one of the largest video production companies in Bangladesh.

Mandar Tulankar

Company: Angels R&D Pvt Ltd.

School: Nuva College of Engineering

Mandar Tulankar, a student at Nuva College of Engineering in India and founder of Angels R&D Pvt Ltd., invented the mobile shoe charger that uses the pressure created by walking to power cell phones. “The mobile shoe charger“ which is based on the concept of converting pressure to electricity using PIEZO crystals through piezoelectric effect can end your phone’s battery life woes. The charger is present in the sole of the shoe and as soon as the person wearing the shoe starts walking, the charging will start. The charger has nearly zero maintenance, has easy assembly and handling and is highly affordable to different sections of the society.



Pratik Magar

Company: Fizzible Tech

School: Mit , Pune

“Fizzible Tech’s research division is primarily focused on research and development of wireless technologies. The focus of research has been on how to extend the power of positioning technology into the Indoor environment. Currently with the prevalence of technology and smart phones, people have become accustomed to relying on navigational tools like GPS. Invention of GPS addressed the age-old question of where am I, and where am I going. It has changed the way how we do business, it has changed the way we travel or how we communicate. But what happens when we are inside a building and need more precision than is not possible with GPS. That’s where ‘Fizzible’s IPS ’ comes in. Usability of GPS is limited when we are indoors due to its accuracy limit of 10m. If we want to track anything in an indoor environment where we spend most of our time either working or shopping or eating or at the mall or at the office and the movement is limited and multi­-floored, it’s not possible through sole use of GPS. To address this problem, multiple solutions have been developed and implemented in past few years such as Wi­Fi fingerprinting, Beacons, Blue tooth, sensors, Cell Tower signal etc but none of them provide an accuracy of less than 1 meter. This gave us an opportunity to develop a solution which is first independent of manufacturer or make of any RF capable hardware, scalable, robust and provides an accuracy of almost 25 centimeters. The research division at Fizzible which is consulted by professors from IITs and IISc have developed a prototype of the said solution having achieved an accuracy of 25 cms in an indoor environment. Autonomous vehicles, Aviation, Geophysics, Warehouse automation, Inventory management, Crowd management at Large events, Better security management at high profile locations like Airports and finding misplaced objects at home, these are just some of numerous applications of this technology”


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Paras Katuwal

Company: Nepal Thopa SInchai Pvt. Ltd

School: The British college

Nepal Thopa Sinchai Pvt. Ltd. (NTS) is working on supply of advance agricultural and smart irrigation tools and services to farmers and institute working in technology based modern agriculture. It is a pioneering name in the field of complete irrigation package in Nepal through delivery of drip and sprinkler irrigation, fogger system as well as fertigation equipment for 10 m2 of small land holders to hectors of commercial agricultural farm, golf courses, hotel gardens, residential and offices premises along with training package, counseling to new farmers as well as doing feasibility study for commercial agriculture including layout and farm designing.


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Buddhika Jayawardhana

Company: Siplo

School: University of Moratuwa

Siplo is an online peer tutoring platform. Tutors of our platform are the top ranked students of highly competitive Advanced Level examination(which is the only way to get entered to a state university) and got selected to state universities for degree and waiting 11 months at home without any purpose until they get the university admissions. Students of our platform are the students who are preparing for the advanced level examination. Our platform helps to the tutors to earn some money during the free 11 months and to be in touch with the subjects until they get entered to universities. It helps the students to get clarified their problems instantly and cheaply by a top top Advanced Level ranked tutors from all around the country.


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Dorji Tshering

Company: Dorjee Souvenirs Shop

School: Gaeddu College of Business Studies

We provide souvenir items as per the customers demand and beside this we also provide printing, xerox, lamination, color photo printing, binding and other stationeries which is having huge market demand. Dorjee Souvenir Shop mainly focuses on customer friendly service.



Md. Fozley Elahi

Company: NutriFeed

School: University of Dhaka

NutriFeed produces novel, culturally-acceptable poultry feeds that is: a) low-cost: 52% lesser than existing feeds solution. b) waste-recycling: made from readily-available but unexploited environmental resources & agricultural waste such as mango seed kernels; elephant grass; unused vegetable waste etc. NutriFeed operates a community-based and self-supportive model where we engage local youths and women in the collection of raw materials. Besides, we select, train and empower and deprived unemployed women for supplying and selling our farms’ products within their own communities. As our novel raw materials are very cheap, we sell feeds to the poultry farmers at USD 6 for one sack (25 kg) whereas competitor’s price ranges from USD 12 to USD 15. NutriFeed’s main competitive advantages are a) the unique production process- from fruit kernel, peel vegetable waste to poultry feed b) Local unemployed youth and women are the suppliers of the raw materials and seller of the NutriFeed products c) NutriFeed’s sell feed at 52% lower cost. Until now we have raised fund USD 40000 of which USD 20000 from our own capital, USD 13,000 from bank loan, and USD 7000 from the external investor in exchange of 5% equity.


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